Intrusion Detection

Protect Your Home from Intruders
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Remote Arm/Disarm
  • Motion Sensors
  • Motion-Triggered Video
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Enjoy peace of mind with professionally monitored intrusion detection systems.

Protection 1’s intrusion detection systems provide customers with the peace of mind they deserve. With intrusion alarm products like window and door alarms, motion alarms, and medical alarms, homeowners can leave their home knowing that it’s well protected.

Our technicians come out to your home and install intrusion alarms that can be configured to meet many different levels of protection, ensuring that your home is protected as best as it can be. Professional installation is critical — do not trust this important step to someone who is not experienced with intrusion detection systems! Click below on any of our intrusion detection products to learn more about how Protection 1 can help you.

  • Alarm Keypads

    Alarm Keypads

    We offer a variety of unique alarm keypads that can be controlled in-home or wirelessly.

  • Window and Door Alarms

    Window and Door Alarms

    We offer various intrusion detection systems like door alarms, window alarms and more.

  • Motion Alarms

    Motion Alarms

    We evaluate houses on an individual basis to provide custom motion alarm solutions.

  • Glass Break Sensors

    Glass Break Sensors

    Protect your windows from burglary with a glass break sensor window alarm.

  • Keychain Remote

    Keychain Remote

    There's nothing better than being able to arm your alarm with the push of a button on your keychain remote.

  • Cellular Backup

    Cellular Backup

    No landline? No problem. Protection 1’s cellular backup provides second-layer protection.

  • Wireless Panic and Medical Alarm Systems

    Wireless Panic and Medical Alarm Systems

    Secure your senior family members with 24/7 medical alarm systems.

  • Wireless Additional Keypads

    Wireless Additional Keypads

    The latest in security siren alarm technology can be installed anywhere in seconds without wires.

  • Image Sensor Camera with Motion Detection

    Image Sensor Camera with Motion Detection

    A passive infrared motion detector sensor measures infrared light radiating from people, pets or objects in its field of view.

  • Monitored Recessed Door Sensor

    Monitored Recessed Door Sensor

    This recessed door sensor has been created especially to be installed either within the door or your door frame.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring Reviews

Failed Burglary Attempt.

At 4:12am the alarm went off at my daughter's house. She was out of town but the security system with the ear shattering siren stopped the burglar in his tracks. Protection 1 called me, after notifying the police, and I rushed over to meet the police and reset the system. The police had found the point of attempted entry (rear window) and determined that the home had not been entered.

Thank you Protection 1. This system was installed several years ago after my daughter came home at midnight and found a burglar in her home!

Intrusion Detection
Excellent Response Time

Had three attempted break ins without success thanks to protection 1.
Intrusion Detection
Excellent Customer Service

We just had four exterior cameras installed at our home and it is the best thing we ever did! There had been a few issues of vandalism in the neighborhood and within 4 days we caught the kids who were causing the grief. The installer Tyrell did an excellent job helping us to determine where to place the cameras so we would get maximum coverage. He is so polite and professional would highly encourage people to ask for him by name.
Intrusion Detection
Mr. Robert Albino

Excellent installation and customer service. Installation was very quietly and neatly done. Installation was also very fast. Customer service was very helpful, professional and courteous.
Intrusion Detection
No One Better

After some 25 years +, Protection 1 has always been there for our protection. We appreciate them highly and hope for a great New Year with the protection and security we will receive. Sincerely with many Thanks, Tony
Intrusion Detection