Protection 1 continues to focus on the customer experience—delivering what our customers want, when they want it—by taking our commitment seriously at all levels of the organization and empowering our team members to keep our promises. Browse our case studies to learn how Protection 1 can turn a security challenge into a transformational experience.

  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Learn how this global leader in customer engagement solutions used Protection 1's advanced security technologies to keep their people, property and customer data secure.

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  • Camping Companies

    Camping Companies (CCI)

    Learn how one of the largest wholly owned repossession companies in the nation uses an integrated system to ensure their employees, property and assets remain safe and secure.

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  • Home Infusion Services

    Home Infusion Services

    Learn how we created a standardized national security platform that meets strict compliance requirements for one of the nation’s largest providers of home and alternate treatment site infusion services.

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  • Pharmaceutical Security Solutions

    Pharmaceutical Security Solutions

    Learn how this leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company worked with us to create a secure environment that meets compliance requirements in a highly regulated industry.

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  • Casual Dining Restaurant

    Casual Dining Restaurant

    Learn how this restaurant group embraced our tech-forward, customer-first approach to streamline their administration and decrease daily operating costs.

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  • Fashion Retailer

    Fashion Retailer

    Learn how this fashion retailer saved millions in bottom line profit, reduced shrink by 50% and achieved ROI on the systems installed in 6 to 10 months with a picture-perfect video solution.

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  • Luxury Retailers Case Study

    Luxury Retailers

    Learn how we are helping protect this vulnerable class of retailers is by taking a multi-faceted approach that delivers an aesthetically pleasing performance.

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  • Transportation and Logistics Case Study

    Transportation & Logistics

    Learn how we work with the nation’s ports, cargo and passenger terminals to secure our safety and economy.

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  • National Pest Control Case Study

    Rollins, Inc.

    Learn how Rollins was able to upgrade its technologies, increase the security of its employees and visitors while reducing operating costs.

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  • Home Decor Case Study

    Home Décor Retailer

    We upgraded this home décor retailer’s existing locations and will install new systems at future sites—providing monitoring, performing annual fire inspections, maintenance and service.

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  • Network Case Study

    Telecommunication & Network Solutions

    Protection 1 is the only security integrator to hold the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Express Partner Certification. Learn how we will realize a 50% annual savings on labor and telecommunications costs.

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  • Retail Case Study

    Mattress Retailer

    Learn how we helped a mattress retailer with over 300 locations address high employee turnover with a security system that was adaptable and flexible.

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  • Pharmaceutical Case Study

    Pharmaceutical Provider

    This national home infusion and specialty pharmaceutical provider maintains regulatory compliance with a seamless Protection 1 solution that allows numerous locations to communicate through a central hub.

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  • T5 Data Centers

    T5 Data Centers

    We addressed T5 Data Center’s need for a turnkey enterprise solution, from design through implementation, and met every one of their mission-critical demands.

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  • University of Delaware

    University of Delaware

    We addressed the University of Delaware Campus and Public Safety Department’s need for an IP-based video surveillance system to enhance public safety.

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  • City of Nashville

    City of Nashville

    Check out how Nashville enjoys significant cost savings since moving its monitoring platform and inspection process to Protection 1—significantly reducing administrative costs and labor.

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  • Restaurant  Case Study

    Ovation Brands Restaurants

    Partnering with a trusted supplier delivered the results that Ovation Brands needed to improve its operations once again showing that Protection 1 is the better choice.

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  • Financial Case Study

    Financial Services Provider

    Protection 1 showed this financial services provider how to save thousands of dollars in phone costs while enjoying uninterrupted security at their 1,300-plus locations.

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  • Zoological Society of Cincinnati

    Zoological Society of Cincinnati

    We helped the Zoological Society of Cincinnati integrate security and life safety systems with a uniform platform that makes them easier to use, saving valuable time and money.

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