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Protection 1 gives you peace of mind. Our home security packages have everything you need to keep you and your family safe—with add-ons to provide extra protection, and give you control in a way that suits you.

All our residential security systems are customized to fit your home, and are moni­tored 24/7 at our central monitoring centers. So you can rest easy—we've got your back.

Intrusion & Personal Safety

Our motion sensors detect when someone is in your home, and send color images to your phone or email so you can be sure it's not just your child forgetting to disarm the system. They can even be set to disregard pets.

Door and window alarms detect break-ins, and our optional glass break sensors sound an alarm when intruders bypass the usual sensors by breaking the glass rather than picking the locks.

The whole system operates wirelessly, so you don't need a landline, and it will still work if the phone line is cut.

Environmental Safety

Intruders aren't the only threat. The best home security systems also protect against environmental hazards.

Protection 1 smoke alarms are heat sensitive for double fire detection. Carbon monoxide detectors alert you to this silent killer. Both are centrally monitored so we can alert first responders even when you're not at home or asleep.

We can also install water detectors in your home to detect leaks early and prevent thousands of dollars in flood damage should your pipes burst when you're on winter vacation.

Automatic & Remote Operation

Our home security systems can all be automated and operated remotely to suit your lifestyle.

Using your phone's GPS, set your system to automatically arm when you leave the house, and disarm when you're close to home. Control the entire security system wirelessly from your smartphone and receive alerts when you're at work.

With lighting, appliance and thermostat control, you can even save on energy bills by controlling your home when you're not in it.

Keep your family safe with a home security system from America's largest full service security company.


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