Home Temperature Monitoring Systems: Freeze, Heat & Smoke Detectors

Home Temperature Monitoring Systems

Monitor your home and protect it from extreme temperatures.

Ordinary temperature monitoring systems are always a great idea, but our professionally monitored smoke and heat detectors keep your family members, pets and property safe—even when you’re not at home or everyone is sound asleep. There are over 350,000 residential fires every year in the United States, and this is important protection that belongs in every residence.

Three-in-One Home Temperature Monitoring Protection

  • Smoke and heat detection in one sleek detector
  • Monitoring station receives your alarms even when you are not home or asleep
  • Our detector sends notifications even when your security system is not armed
  • Smoke and heat monitoring cost is included in monthly monitoring rate
  • Great protection for priceless items and pets—perfect for snowbirds
  • Automatic alerts when you have a low battery or non-functioning detector

Protection 1 Saved Our Lives

“Smoke detectors are not what woke us up. It was the alarm from the house. It was so loud. If the smoke detectors hadn’t gone off and the Protection 1 alarm system hadn’t woken us up, I don’t think we would have been alive,” Kim recalled. “So I called Scott Krause the next day and told him, ‘I just want to let you know that, thank you, you saved my life.’”

- Blake & Kim from Ohio

Monitored Heat & Smoke Detectors
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