Home Alarm Keypads

Home Alarm Keypads

Being safe is easy with our home alarm keypads and controls.

Our Protection 1 all-in-one home security keypad system features a control panel that is user-friendly and highly intuitive. In just minutes you’ll be able to navigate your system with ease—controlling your security along with the built-in home automation capability. Take control of your security, lights, appliances, energy and door locks from anywhere—at work, at a friend’s house or even while on vacation.

Color Touch Screen Display Talks to You

A wide range of security and home control options are right at your fingertips—and our security keypad's talking panel shares your system’s status and alarm information

Remote Control Capabilities

Manage your system from a computer or web-enabled smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc,)

GSM Cellular Radio

This system can also use cellular communication, so a cut phone line or the elimination of your residential landline is not a problem

Two-Way Voice Communication

Two-way voice lets our operators talk to you when an alarm is received so the proper emergency personnel will be dispatched promptly

Weather Forecasts and Severe Weather Alerts

Get the daily weather forecast and severe weather alerts

Automatic Software Updates

Your panel is automatically updated with the latest software upgrades

Advanced Home Control Features

Built in Z-Wave radio technology lets you control your HVAC, appliances, lighting and door locks

24-hour Backup Battery

When the power goes off, your system stays on guard with a self-contained backup battery
Home Alarm Keypad

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