Remote Home Security and Home Control

 eSecure Remote Home Security Access

Stay connected and in control with, our remote access security app

You get the most out of your all-in-one monitored security and remote home security system when you use it on a daily basis. We offer a “go anywhere” smart phone app that connects you to your home from anywhere. Our easy-to-use solution actually learns your use patterns and then adapts to fit your needs. You can set your own customized triggers and be alerted to virtually any activity or event that is important to you—even when your remote access security system is disarmed.

Go Anywhere, Control Everything

See It

Watch your kids arrive home from school—receive an image alert or text when they open the front door.

Protect It

Receive an alert if your family has left for the day but forgot to lock the door or arm the system—jut lock up and arm your system from your phone.

Set It

Set your lights and adjust your thermostats to increase comfort, reduce energy and unnecessary utility expenses. Set smart schedules to better manage your lights and thermostat settings based on the activity patterns in your home.

Easy Access

Go anywhere and stay connected to your home with an app that is just a tap away

Instant Awareness

Get immediate alerts when your system is disarmed, a door is opened or the kids or dog walker have entered your home

Remote Control

No more running back home to make sure a door is locked, the thermostat is set back, or the alarm has been armed


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