Home Security FAQ

Home Security FAQ

Our home security FAQ answers the most common questions regarding your home safety.

Protection 1 makes it easy to learn about a home security system—and you may be able to save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance.†

†Protection 1 is not responsible for and does not guarantee any insurance discounts or reductions.

Basics and Installation

Whom should I contact about home security system operation questions?
Will my home security system continue to work if my home loses power?
Yes! Your home security system is equipped with battery backup, so your system will continue to protect for several hours after a power failure. It is a good idea to check the batteries in your system regularly. Dial 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) and we'll tell you how to check your batteries.
What should I do in the event of a false alarm?
Whenever your alarm is activated, one of our trained monitoring representatives will call you right away to make sure that everything is OK at your home. Simply inform them of the false alarm.Learn more about false alarm prevention.
If my home security system isn't working correctly, whom should I call?
Call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) or schedule a service call online. Our representatives are on call all day, every day. Our goal is one-call resolution, correcting your problem immediately whenever possible. If the help of one of our service technicians is necessary, our representatives can promptly schedule a service call that coincides with your schedule.


If I move, will my home security system move with me?
When you move, we've got you covered! As a current customer, you're eligible to receive up to $150 toward the installation of a new home security system or the upgrade of an existing home security system through our SecureMove® program. Just call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) and choose option #4 or request an online service transfer now. Click here to live chat.

Payment Options

Can I set up automatic payments for my bill?
Yes. Say “goodbye” to check fees and postage costs. Just call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) and choose option #2 or click here for all the information you need to sign up for our Automatic Bill Payment Service.
My bills are paid through the Automatic Bill Payment Service. Will I receive any paper statements from you?
You will receive a statement for your first few billing cycles until your Automatic Bill Payment procedure has been set up at your financial institution. After that, your Bill Payment Service will debit your recurring charges as defined in your home security monitoring agreement. You will receive a statement for any one-time charges on your account, such as additional equipment or service call charges. To get answers to questions about your bill, just call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) or contact us online.

Current Customers

What if I want to change my contact list?
Just call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911), day or night, and a customer service representative will make the changes for you right away. Please have your account number and password available for identification purposes. You may also update your emergency contacts online.
I understand that my home security system should be tested regularly. How do I do it?
You should test your home security system at least once a month to make sure that it is working/communicating properly. Call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) or send us a request online and tell our customer service representative that you want to test your home security system. We will walk you through the process.
What if I want to refer a friend or neighbor to Protection 1?
We consider customer referrals as the highest praise our customers can give us, and thousands of our current customers have referred a friend or family member to us. That's trust! Our referral program provides you with two months of free monitored protection as a way of saying thank you for the confidence you've placed in us. Call 877-PRO1-911 (877-776-1911) or go online with your customer referral and our customer service representatives will make sure that a referral reward comes your way as soon as the referral customer installs his or her system. Click here for complete details.

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