Reliable 24/7 Home Security Monitoring Centers

Reliable 24/7 Home Security Monitoring Centers

24-Hour Security Monitoring Centers Keep You Safe Around the Clock

A home security system is only as good as the people who monitor your alarms. If an alarm goes off, our team will immediately contact local authorities for a rapid response! Our home security monitoring services are the industry gold standard—over 4,000 other security companies outsource their security monitoring to Protection 1.

We Protect Your Family With the Latest Technology

Protection 1 security monitoring centers provide protection around the clock, every day of the year. Our five state-of-the-art security monitoring centers are so sophisticated they automatically back each other up in times of duress—such as a hurricane or tornado.

  • Fast Alarm Response Times
  • Five State-of-the-Art Interconnected UL Listed FM Approved Centers
  • 70+ Offices and More Than 2,500 Employees For Immediate Assistance

We’ve Got Your Back

There are two kinds of alarm systems—those that are professionally monitored, and stand-alone alarm devices that do not signal for help. Protection 1 only sells, installs and services professionally monitored alarm systems because that is the only way we can deliver the help you need, when you need it. A system that is not monitored will not alert authorities—an alarm only sounds in your home. Compare how affordable our home security monitoring packages are, especially when enjoying peace of mind is your goal.

Learn more about home security system packages.

People Call Us Because They Need Us—Now!

Unlike many other service companies, we walk the talk. Our call center takes great pride in having the fastest response times in the industry. If you call us, we don’t route you into an automated phone system. We answer your call fast, with an average call waiting time of under 10 seconds. Calling about an alarm and not being able to quickly speak to a human being about your issue is not a great feeling—and it’s dangerous.

How Security
Monitoring Works

How Monitoring Works
  • Sensor Triggered
    Sensors installed throughout your home communicate activity that takes place.
  • Security Monitoring Center Responds
    Protection 1’s security monitoring center evaluates triggered alarms to see if an emergency response is needed.
  • Local Help Dispatched
    In the event of an emergency, local police or fire assistance will be notified.
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How Monitoring Works
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