Redundant Home Alarm Monitoring

Redundant Home Alarm Monitoring

Protection 1 gives you three times the protection. And three times the peace of mind.

Most security companies have only one system for monitoring. However, Protection 1 always employs triple redundancy monitoring for home alarm systems. This means that three systems are always on patrol for maximum security. That’s three times the protection with our proprietary monitoring technology. Choose below from one of our many home alarm monitoring systems.

Home Monitoring System One: Primary Server.

When a monitored alarm goes off, it transmits a signal through our primary server: an FM Approved, UL Listed facility equipped with the latest uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup generators.

Home Monitoring System Two: On-site Backup System

All activated alarms automatically go through our state-of-the art secondary backup equipment.

Home Monitoring System Three: Disaster Recovery Center

All alarms also go to an off-site Disaster Recovery Center, which was implemented to address the remote possibility of a catastrophic event affecting operations at the main center. This specialized Disaster Recovery Center contains auxiliary workstations, and trained professionals are standing by and ready to take over if disaster should strike.
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