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Smart Thermostats Can Help Keep Energy Bills Down

Influence Energy Bills With Smart Thermostats
Touchscreen Panel
Energy costs seldom go down! Reducing energy usage in your house will save you money on utility bills and help your family live a greener lifestyle. Controlling the thermostat in your home is as easy as using your home automation system. You can change and monitor your thermostat no matter where you are, and that makes it no trouble to keep the heat down (or the air conditioning up) during the day, then turn it back to a more comfortable level before you head home.
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Control Your Smart Lights - Indoors Or Out - No Matter Where You Are

Control Your Smart Lights From Your Current Location
Remote Lighting Control
Staying at the office late? Do you prefer to come home to a light house? No problem. With home automation features as a part of your alarm system, you can control your home's lights using your computer, phone, or any other internet-enabled device. You can control outdoor or indoor lights, program lights, and turn lights on and off without getting up. Switch on your lights from across the room or across the town, whatever you need to do.

Monitor Your Loved Ones From Anywhere With Wireless Security Cameras

Watch Your Family From Anywhere With Wireless Security Cameras
Remote Video Surveillance
Use your laptop, PC, or smartphone and stay linked to your home and family with wireless security cameras as a part of your home automation system. See what is happening on your property as it happens. Check in on your babysitter, know when your kids get home after school, make sure the dog isn't getting into trouble, or check in on an elderly parent. Instead of hoping everything is fine, you can see it using any smart device.

Activate/Deactivate Your Security System From Anywhere In The World

Remotely Activate/Deactivate Your Security System
Remote Security Systems
Forgetting to arm your home security system before you leave your house is no longer a problem. You can easily activate or deactivate your system from any distance using our smartphone app, or your web-enabled PC. This makes letting guests into your home a smooth process and eliminates the need to hand out spare keys. You can also automate your home security system to email you when pre-selected events happen, such as a garage door opening, a medicine cabinet or gun case opening or an alarm being turned off.

Protect Your Home - Even From Your Vacation Destination - With Door Lock Controls

Lock And Unlock Your Door From Across The Street, Town, Or Country With Door Lock Controls
Electronic Door Locks
Has it ever been necessary to run home and let a service person into your house? Have you ever been concerned about handing extra keys out to your friends? Do all of the neighborhood kids know your garage door code? You can end all of these worries with home automation products that let you operate locks remotely using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Protect Your Prized Possessions With Protection 1 Alarms For Your Garage Door

Defend Your Possessions With Alarms For Your Garage Door
Garage Door Sensors
Protection 1's garage door sensors are entirely weatherproof, allowing them to perform exceptionally in any temperature or condition. The garage door alarm has two loops that permit external devices to connect as well as a switch that that delivers the best possible protection of gates or detached garages. The color of the sensor allows it to subtly blend into where it is mounted without being detected. However, you can also be customize the appearance of the sensor to match all kinds of surfaces, allowing homeowners complete control over the entire appearance of the garage door alarm.

You Can Breathe Easy With Monitored Carbon Monoxide As Well As Smoke And Fire Detection

Monitored Carbon Monoxide, Fire And Smoke Detection Can Help You Trust That You're Safe
Smoke/CO Detection
Our home automation products can give warning of harmful threats from the environment at any time. Our professionals monitor the detectors at all hours, and that means help is dispatched right away even when you are asleep or away from home. You could be eligible for an additional homeowner's insurance discount for monitored smoke and fire detection installed in the home-check with your agent.
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Local home security and home automation systems, professional installation, 24-hour alarm monitoring of your San Jose, California home security system by Protection 1 Security Solutions.
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I had routine maintenance done on my alarm system done yesterday. I had been given a window of 8am to noon, and the technician arrived by 8:20. He did a great job of getting the system back up to full operation. Kudos to you folks for great service.
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As the nation's premier full service security and home automation company serving San Jose, Protection 1 offers the best local home security and home automation San Jose home owners rely on every day. A home security alarm is only as good as the people who monitor your residence. Be sure to do your research and check with the local BBB before selecting a home security company for your San Jose home security needs.
As an industry leader in customer service, we have been honored year after year with the Angie's List Super Service Award. We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau for more than a decade and maintain an A+ BBB rating. Our customer satisfaction score is 95.6% because we do right by our customers every day.

Our support staff is 100% in-house and available 24/7 by Phone, Email and Live Chat.

San Jose Health Safety Facts

The following data includes the local score compared to the national average of 100.
CO Risk
Carbon Monoxide - Each year, more than 150 people die from accidental non-fire related co poisoning associated with products including faulty, improperly-used or incorrectly-vented fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, stoves, water heaters and fireplaces.

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P1Life, from Protection 1 Home Security San Jose, is an all digital, wireless home security system that lets you easily control and monitor your home using a broad range of home security products. Protection 1 security products simultaneously trigger an alarm in your home as well as an alarm at a Protection 1 center to ensure extremely fast and reliable security service. Protection 1 Home Security San Jose is the better choice for you.

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