Smart Home

Control Your Home While You’re Away
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With technology connecting every area of our lives nowadays, Protection 1 can turn your home into a smart home with an automated security system, adaptive learning lighting and temperature controls; offering you increased energy efficiency.

Let your home run itself.

Energy efficiency

Want to save money on energy bills and do your part for the environment? Smart home controls over your light and heat help you do just that.

Remote control via your smartphone means you can adjust light and heat wherever you are. Rushed to work and forgot to switch a light off? No problem. Wake up cold in the morning? Switch the heating on from bed.

Our smart home systems make sure that you don’t spend a dime more than you need to on your energy bills. Looking at your specific energy use patterns, our system uses advanced algorithms so that you can see exactly how much money you could save from a variety of changes to your thermostat and heating schedule.

Smart home security

Tired of motion detectors triggering false alarms? So are we. That’s why our motion sensors are cameras too. Every time they’re triggered, you get two full-color pictures sent to you via email or text-message so you can confirm it’s actually an intruder, rather than your cat.

You’ve probably wondered what the point is of a burglar alarm that just makes noise. So did we. That’s why our alarms send instant alerts to you and to our round-the-clock monitoring center. If we can’t get through to you, we’ll go straight to the local authorities.

That’s what we call a home looking after itself.

Automated safety

What happens if a fire starts when you’re not home? We’ll immediately dispatch the fire department within seconds.

Our temperature sensors don’t just detect heat. They can be programmed to turn on the heating system should your home become too cold. No more worrying about cracking pipes when you’re away.

What about basement flooding? Our smart home systems have water detectors to tell you if excess liquid is detected in an at-risk area. Early detection can be the difference between a quick fix and months of repair time.

Make your home work smarter

A self-maintaining home is already a reality. Whatever you want to control and however you want to regulate it, we can put together a personalized package of smart home devices just for you. Contact us today for a free evaluation.