Smart companies use video capabilities and business security cameras to enhance their business intelligence and help put a lid on costs. If you haven’t reviewed your video capabilities in the past two years, you could be missing the opportunity to employ additional technology and deploy your personnel more effectively. Protection 1 can help you upgrade your legacy video equipment to a state-of-the-art digital system—even at the enterprise level.

Event-triggered video solutions are a prevention-based security solution and can help stop events from happening rather than just recording them.

  • Video Analytics

    1View Cloud

    Cloud computing is changing security programs for the better by allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of computer technology without a large investment in software, hardware, installation and other resources. Today a business can use IP video to enhance security without a large capital investment or costly IT maintenance resources. 1View Cloud hosted video is a perfect solution for businesses that need to store and review video but don’t have the resources to manage a traditional self-contained system at all sites.

    1View Cloud Brochure (PDF)

  • Video Analytics

    Video Analytics

    Using advanced pattern-based video analytics, video surveillance is used to cover remote sites, acres of property, high-threat areas in buildings or specified zones within an enterprise. Video records can be stored at the edge (within the camera) or can reside in the cloud, or be stored on-site on DVR’s, NVR’s and IT servers.

  • IT-Friendly Video

    IT-Friendly Video

    Protection 1 offers commercial security camera solutions at the enterprise level. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner, we embrace the convergence of security and IT—and we respect the criticality of your network. Today, in addition to using video to monitor for threats, we also monitor additional concerns, like the bandwidth requirements of your video surveillance—we can even help your security staff meet the bandwidth constraints of your network. We understand how to make video surveillance work with your legacy IT systems and can show you how to achieve efficiencies using management tools for intelligent data sharing.

  • 1View Alarm Event Video

    1View Alarm Event Video

    1View also enables video of alarm events to be saved and shown in your eSuite portal along with alarm data. Video events tied to exceptions like out-of– schedule panel disarm events can also be saved and viewed online.

  • Backup Communications

    Web & Mobile Security Management

    Our eSecure remote video surveillance technology allows you to control external devices and view live video from any of your on-site cameras. This unique technology creates full-color video that can be easily downloaded via Internet connection or your mobile device. eSecure will capture video images before, during and after an alarm activation and send them directly to your email.

Video Components

  • Business Security Cameras

    Business Security Cameras

    Protection 1 offers business security customers a wide range of video equipment that includes analog, digital or IP cameras and a choice of lenses and specialized cameras for specialty applications.

  • Digital Recording Solutions

    Digital Recording Solutions

    Protection 1 offers business security customers a comprehensive selection of recording solutions that includes DVRs, NVRs and networked servers to meet the needs of your business. With the new generation of bandwidth-friendly solutions, your security team can remotely access live and recorded video to observe and research events using tools that help you pinpoint video events.

  • Monitors


    Protection 1 offers business security customers a wide selection of monitors that includes public view options, flat panels, and LCD screens with touch-screen features.

  • Networked Video Solutions

    Networked Video Solutions

    Your IT infrastructure can be used to route video throughout your enterprise. Our Protection 1 Integrated Systems team can serve as a single point of contact for your IT needs as well as your video security systems.

  • Managed Video Services

    Managed Video Services

    Let Protection 1 remotely observe your locations through your cameras and look for the conditions that are important to you.

    • 1Video Verification: Protection 1 operators verify activity associated with an incoming burglar alarm signal.
    • 1Video Guard Tour: Our operators will perform remote guard tours at times and intervals you select.
    • 1Video Escort: We can watch your employees arrive and leave your properties, upon employee request.
    • 1Video Assist: When initiated by your employee, Protection 1 can alert the police or “voice down” to the premises, asking the persons in question to leave the facility.

    Managed Video Services

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