Keeping your business safe and secure is our number one priority. Our commercial intrusion detection systems employ the latest developments in electronic security. Protection 1 will deploy a custom system to meet the unique needs of your facilities regardless of size, using sensors and peripheral devices made for your application.

Our combination of proven technologies provides you with complete protection and total flexibility, all in one platform.

Once Protection 1 intrusion detection systems are installed, you can keep track of activity via the Internet—at the office, at home or on your smartphone.

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Features & Options:

  • Integrates with your fire safety alarm systems, security system access control and business security cameras/surveillance systems.
  • A full range of available peripheral devices, including motion detectors and photoelectric beams, magnetic contacts, shock and pressure sensors, temperature sensors and glass break detectors.
  • Optional lighting control and other auxiliary functions.
  • Systems available to accommodate a wide range of needs, from small facilities to large partitioned system applications.
  • Five best-in-class company owned UL Certified Monitoring Centers
  • 1 View Video Notification Services

    1 View Video Notification Services

    1 View video services enables receipt of alarm video—both pre- and post-alarm–in the Protection 1 security automation system by alarm center agents, as well as simultaneous delivery to your devices and event storage on the your eSuite web-based account.

    Verified video response is a rapidly increasing requirement due to budget and manpower constraints of the authorities we depend on to respond to alarms. 1 View gives businesses a mechanism to efficiently receive video and make informed decisions regarding agency dispatch while distributing and storing the associated video through the cloud.

  • Web & Mobile Security Management & Notification Services

    Web & Mobile Security Management & Notification Services

    With eSecure, connecting to your business security monitoring is as easy as connecting to the Internet. eSecure lets you control and monitor your commercial intrusion monitoring system from almost anywhere through any Internet-connected computer or web-enabled mobile device. Through these web and mobile security management and notification services, businesses can monitor for intrusion, fire and other incidents by receiving notifications of user-defined events.

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