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Food & Beverage
A Better Choice to Protect Our Nation’s Food Supply

The food and beverage industry plays a vital role in our nation’s food infrastructure. Manufacturers, processors, distributors and warehouses are charged with mitigating typical employee and property security concerns with the added responsibility of protecting food products throughout the entire supply chain.

Developing an effective security program will help you provide safe, quality products to your customers, ensure a safe working environment for employees and visitors, and protect your business, your assets and your brand.

Five Star Customer Service

Protection 1 offers the food and beverage industry an approach to customer service that is unique to your industry. Our dedication to putting customers first has earned us the security industry’s highest honor, 2012 SDM Dealer of the Year.

  • A National Footprint

    A national footprint guarantees that Protection 1 has the resources to service your food or beverage operation and supply chain coast to coast.

  • Enterprise Level Solutions

    Enterprise level solutions allow us to manage projects requiring a high level IT skill set—a perfect pairing for companies with manufacturing facilities and a critical supply chain to protect.

  • Professional Installation and Service

    Professional installation and service deliver what you need on time and on a budget. We even offer a video “look-in” at our progress, which puts you at the head of the table when your operation is spread over a large area.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Experienced technicians will service your needs by showing up with the tools and parts they need to get the job done. You can even track your technician’s progress via email or text alerts using our exclusive Tech Tracker service.

  • Same-Day Service

    Same-day service is always the rule—we do not keep your team waiting nor do we add an upcharge for same-day response.

  • Live Phone Support

    Live phone support enables your security team to reach a Protection 1 professional directly without transfers or telephone prompts or dropped calls.

Food and Beverage Security Solutions

Protect People, Products and Processes to Ensure Business Continuity

Protection 1 can help you develop a mitigation strategy that can assess the vulnerability of critical points in your facility, create procedures to quickly and accurately pinpoint risks and recommend solutions to protect your supply chain. We design and implement solutions that can help you avoid potentially catastrophic losses in profits and reputation while realizing long-term business benefits.

  • Integrated Systems

    Integrated Systems

    Our dedicated Integrated Systems Team consists of experienced security professionals with advanced IT skill sets who hold expert certifications in advanced and emerging technologies. As your partner from design through completion, we are committed to delivering a security solution that fully meets your expectations while ensuring impeccable customer service. While our security solutions include the latest cutting edge systems and technology, we design your infrastructure to allow the solution to remain flexible and scalable as your needs change.

    Integrated Systems

  • Video Solutions

    Video Solutions

    Video Surveillance can document activity at critical points in your facility, such as vehicle entrances, shipping and receiving docks, laboratories, and areas for processing, preparation and packing. You can monitor areas to ensure plant cleanliness, worker productivity and quality control. With Managed Video Services, you can remotely access your solution to enable site-view capabilities when you’re away from the facility.

    Video Solutions

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Access Control can secure physical access points from the building perimeter entrances and shipping/receiving docks and into restricted areas throughout the facility, such as laboratories, raw product storage, and bulk storage for hazardous chemicals, packaging and labeling. You have the ability to customize individual employee access within specified areas in order to limit contamination and ensure employee safety. With Managed Access Control, you can manage multiple sites with Web-based solutions and monitor access control points in real time.

    Access Control

  • Critical Condition Monitoring

    Critical Condition Monitoring

    Critical Condition Monitoring can ensure the safety of food and beverages throughout the cold chain by tracking the temperature and humidity and providing alerts based on your preferences. A virtual monitoring and maintenance system, or VMM, can perform health checks to monitor the threshold and static temperatures of coolers to minimize loss of perishable food products and beverages.

    Critical Condition Monitoring

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    Managed Services can enable you to leverage your existing security infrastructure and provide more insight into your security operations without a significant investment. Protection 1 provides remote video services such as video alarm verification and video guard tours, helping you reduce guard expenses and lower false alarm fines. Managed Access Control allows you to leave the daily administration and hosting of your access control system to trained professionals.

    Managed Services

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