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Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to delivering business security that works harder for commercial and industrial companies. We help manufacturing, processing and engineering companies to protect critical areas and processes, helping to increase employee safety and safeguard profits. Critical infrastructure facilities such as public utilities and water treatment plants look to us to protect their property and assets from the growing number of threats, helping to ensuring safe and uninterrupted delivery of their services.

  • Operating with tight security budgets, today’s commercial and industrial companies face an array of real and costly risks. In addition to logistics challenges, you must address employee safety concerns, from production accidents to workers’ compensation claims. Guarding against loss of expensive warehouse inventory and manufacturing equipment resulting from misuse, theft and environmental dangers is important to your bottom line. If quality control processes are not monitored and employees cut corners, your product can suffer, and in turn, your brand image and profits. More

    Security Without Gaps

    We realize that every day you are faced with challenges that include preventing loss, managing risk, avoiding business interruptions and improving the efficiency of your operations. What differentiates Protection 1 from other security providers is our ability to provide turnkey systems design, planning, project engineering and project management—and then support it with consistent field response and outstanding customer service. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner, we embrace the convergence of security and IT—and can deliver enterprise level solutions to your organization.

A New Approach to Customer Service

Protection 1 understands that no two commercial or industrial businesses are alike. That’s why we offer a new approach to customer service that you won’t find anywhere else. Our dedication to putting customers first has earned us the security industry’s highest honor, 2012 SDM Dealer of the Year.

  • A National Footprint

    A national footprint guarantees that Protection 1 has the resources to service your commercial and industrial needs through over 90+ branch offices—we can help ensure the safety of your business, from fabrication to production to distribution.

  • Enterprise Level Solutions

    Our Protection 1 Integrated Systems Team provides the ability to manage projects requiring a high level IT skill set—a common requirement for today’s commercial, industrial and critical infrastructure entities. Our team has extensive experience with large, complex projects and will help you realize significant savings in time, resources and money.

  • Professional Installation

    Professional installation and service deliver what you need on time and on the money. We even offer a video “look-in” at our progress, which is incredibly helpful when you are dealing with multiple facilities or a large campus environment.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Experienced technicians will service your needs by showing up with what they need to get the job done. You can even track technician progress via email or text alerts through our exclusive Tech Tracker service.

  • Same-Day Service

    Same-day service is always the rule and not an upcharge—and this alone saves time, money and aggravation.

  • Live Phone Support

    Live phone support enables your industrial security team to reach a Protection 1 professional directly without telephone prompts or transfers.

Solutions to Protect and Ensure Business Continuity

Protection 1 offers technologically advanced security products from long-standing trusted partners so you can maximize security investments across your entire commercial, industrial manufacturing or critical infrastructure facilities. While we provide basic security systems, including Intrusion Detection and Fire and Life Safety, we also offer a wide range of security products that can help you increase efficiency while reducing risks.

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    • Managed services can optimize your existing security infrastructure to streamline processes and increase insight into your security operations. Remote video services allow our operators to perform remote tours of your facility and to verify alarm signals, allowing for reduced physical guard expenses and false alarm issues. Managed Access Control allows you to leave the daily administration of your access control system to trained professionals. More

      Protection 1 can monitor and perform daily health checks of your security system to ensure continuity—if one of your security panels goes offline, you can be notified in order to address the issue quickly. Our central stations can monitor cameras strategically placed inside and/or outside of your industrial or critical infrastructure facilities to take a live look at activities such as security breaches, suspicious activities and remote guard tours.

    Managed Services

  • Enterprise Level Systems

    Enterprise Level Systems

    Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to providing integrated and highly complex network-based solutions. Enterprise level systems require an elevated level of integration capabilities and expertise beyond traditional security systems. Our dedicated Protection 1 Integrated Systems Team has extensive IT knowledge and experience with projects that include a complex scope of work for critical building systems. Protection 1 can design and deploy a scalable, practical solution that can be integrated with your existing security systems and interface with IT networks. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner, we embrace the convergence of security and IT—and we respect the criticality of your infrastructure.

    Enterprise Level Systems

  • Video Solutions

    Video Solutions

    • Video solutions, including CCTV, video cameras and high-tech video surveillance systems, can protect your facilities by deterring crime and monitoring high traffic or sensitive areas. Video surveillance cameras can record and document activity for evidence in the validation of injury claims, to audit worker OSHA compliance, and for employee training or disciplinary purposes. Your company can use recorded video to investigate the loss of goods or property with the easy-to-use search tools on today’s advanced digital video recorders. More

      Event-triggered video solutions are playing an expanded role in protecting commercial, industrial and critical infrastructure entities. When suspicious activity is detected in a specific area, such as after-hours activity at a loading dock or at a water pumping station perimeter fence, it can prompt an event notification, immediately alerting our monitoring staff for a fast, video-verified response.

      Using advanced pattern-based video analytics, video surveillance can now cover your remote locations or high-threat areas—with immediate alert notifications. Your video records can be stored at the edge (within the camera) or can reside in the cloud. This cost-effective, bandwidth-friendly solution helps to prevent theft and sabotage of recorded video for a fraction of the cost of security guards.

    Video Solutions

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    • Access control systems can reduce premise liability by keeping unauthorized individuals out of restricted or sensitive areas. It can help control and document access to sensitive or high value areas of your commercial industrial facility while mitigating theft and reducing premise liability—and enhance the overall safety of your workplace. Controlling internal theft of inventory and assets is important, as these incidents occur even during operational hours. You can manage access to various areas based on business need, such as specifying entry to precise areas for drivers, cleaning staff, administrative personnel and management. More

      Protection 1 offers a number of traditional and web-managed access control platforms to meet your needs. We are a Lenel OnGuard certified partner with Elite TierVantage status and can protect a single facility or your entire enterprise. We can upgrade your existing security system or create a new scaleable system with built-in support for all card technologies, including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, as well as biometrics and wireless access control devices.

      Integrating access control with the other security systems on your premise is another service that Protection 1 provides, ensuring the best value from the combined tiers of protection that your facilities invest in.

    Access Control

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