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Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to delivering security solutions that can work harder for your business. We understand the increasingly complex transportation and logistics sector and the new challenges facing carriers, warehousing and logistics providers. We have the experience and resources to successfully identify security risks along your supply chain and develop critical infrastructure solutions to address them, while helping you stay safe and on budget.

The growing regulatory environment encourages you to meet or exceed compliance with C-TPAT, TAPA, TSA, Cargo 2000 and IATA—just to name a few. While you need protection against loss from cargo theft and liability, there is also a growing need to combat losses, promote workplace safety, confirm cargo security and document incidents throughout your operation. Pressure to boost business profitability involves addressing these logistics challenges while finding innovative ways to improve efficiency across your operation.

Transportation and Logistics Experience

  • We have breadth and depth of experience and can help you safeguard the millions of dollars in customer product you deal with every day. As a freight and transportation company, you need a security partner who understands how to proactively protect your distribution center, fleet, and all points in between. More

    Our Commitment to You

    Protection 1 will provide a business security program that serves your transportation and logistics needs from coast to coast—with a single point of contact and a dedicated Protection 1 team. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner, we embrace the convergence of security and IT—and we respect the criticality of your infrastructure. We help protect you against damage, delay and theft—and administrative fines.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Protection 1 strives to consistently deliver a great customer experience. We received our industry’s highest honor, 2012 SDM Dealer of the Year, for “unmistakable success, innovation, use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments.” We continue to receive great reviews from the transportation and logistics industry because we take care of customers and constantly evaluate our efforts.

  • National Footprint

    A national footprint guarantees that Protection 1 has the resources to service your transportation and logistics company through 90+ branch offices—we can help ensure the safety of your business across the supply chain.

  • Enterprise Level Solutions

    Enterprise level solutions at Protection 1 provide the ability to manage projects requiring a high level IT skill set—a common requirement for today’s technology-driven transportation and logistics companies. Our dedicated Protection 1 Integrated Systems Team has extensive experience with large, complex projects and will help you realize significant savings in time, resources and money.

  • Professional Installation and Service

    Professional installation and service provide what you need on time and on the money. We even offer a video “look-in” at our progress, which is incredibly helpful when you are dealing with multiple warehouse facilities and shipping hubs spread across the country.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Experienced technicians will service your needs and you can even track technician arrival via email or text alerts through our exclusive Tech Tracker service.

  • Same-Day Service

    Same-day service is always the rule and not an upcharge.

  • Live Phone Support

    Live phone support enables your team to reach a customer service professional directly without transfers or telephone prompts.

Transportation and Logistics Security Solutions

Protection 1 offers technologically advanced security products from long-standing trusted partners, so you can rest assured that you are maximizing your security investment. While we provide basic security systems, including Intrusion Detection, and Fire and Life Safety, Protection 1 also offers a wide range of security products that can help you better address loss prevention and compliance issues.

  • IP Video Surveillance Systems

    Video Solutions

    • Video solutions, including CCTV, video cameras and high-tech video surveillance systems, can protect your facilities by deterring crime and monitoring high traffic or sensitive areas. Cargo theft can occur anywhere during the loading/unloading, transporting and warehousing process, so video monitoring of these activities and areas is essential. More

      Event-triggered video solutions are playing an expanded role in transportation and logistic security efforts and have fast become a prevention-based security solution. Using advanced video analytics, Protection 1 can significantly reduce false alarms by accurately differentiating legitimate threats from normal scene activity. When suspicious activity is detected in a specific area, such as a loading dock, it can be tracked with event notifications, immediately alerting our monitoring staff for a fast, video-verified response.

      Using advanced pattern-based video analytics, video surveillance can now cover your remote freight locations, storage yards or high-threat areas—with immediate alert notifications. Your video records can be stored at the edge (within the camera) or can reside in the cloud. This cost-effective, bandwidth-friendly solution helps to prevent loss of recorded video, document events and guard against losses at critical points in your supply chain—for a fraction of the cost of security guards.

    Video Solutions

  • Access Control Systems

    Access Control

    • Access control systems can reduce premise liability by keeping unauthorized individuals out of restricted or sensitive areas of a warehouse, storage areas and distribution terminals. For instance, you can choose different levels of access for drivers, loaders, office personnel and others based on employee type or duty, so that only authorized individuals can enter designated areas of the facility. More

      Protection 1 offers a number of traditional and web-managed access control platforms to meet your needs. We are a Lenel OnGuard certified partner with Elite TierVantage status and can protect everything from a regional terminal to a national company infrastructure with a deeper level of security surrounding the backbone of your data network.

      We offer advanced access control applications with a feature-rich alarm monitoring module. IP-enabled controllers allow our solution to extend easily to all parts of your transportation and logistics enterprise with the appropriate degree of security at each point of entry. We can upgrade your existing system or create a new scaleable system with built-in support for all card technologies, including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, as well as biometrics and wireless access control devices.

    Access Control

  • Enterprise Level Solutions

    Enterprise Level Solutions

    • Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to providing integrated and highly complex network-based solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. Enterprise level solutions demand a high level of integration capabilities and expertise beyond traditional security systems. We are experienced with integrating advanced technology security solutions to help protect your data and critical points of operation along the supply chain. More

      The Protection 1 Integrated Systems team can help and ensure that your business flows without interruption by providing video surveillance, security (physical site security and logistics network security), access control, information technology systems and networking, wireless network security, as well as design and deployment, data storage systems, telephony systems, security consulting, state-of-the-art fire alarm and security alarm systems with network monitoring.

    Enterprise Level Solutions

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    • Managed services can enhance your existing security infrastructure and streamline your supply chain security processes with minimal investment. Many transportation and logistics companies with disparate systems lack the resources and ability to control or report centrally. With our hosted and managed services, you can optimize your existing infrastructure and internal resources with minimal investment for services. More

      Protection 1 will monitor and perform daily health checks of your business security system to ensure continuity—if one of your security panels goes offline, you can be notified in order to address the issue quickly. Our central stations can monitor cameras strategically placed inside and/or outside of your freight facilities or yards, and observe and record activities such as security breaches, alarm verification and remote guard tours.

    Managed Services

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