If you’ve been looking for a better way to maximize your security operations with minimal investment, you’ve just found it. Protection 1 offers managed services that can allow you to rely on experienced security professionals to handle many aspects of your video surveillance or access control system and allow your business to focus on other areas of its operation. Managed security solutions can streamline your security management processes and help protect your facilities without additional manpower, training, equipment, and database management.

Managed Access Control

  • Managed Access Control

    Managed Access Control can help your organization lower costs because there are no dedicated computers or databases, no IT support or database backup and no special software required. Our features combine to reduce computer hardware purchases, IT staff time, electrical, and the support costs of maintaining dedicated computers.

    Protection 1 Managed Access Control

    Get the benefits of a traditional access control system while leaving the daily administration to us.

    Hosted Access Control

    With Hosted Access Control, you can manage your access control system through a convenient web portal.

    Hosted Access Control

Managed Video Services

  • 1Video Verificationl

    1View Remote Video Alarm Verification

    1View Alarm Verification sends video related to intrusion alarm events to our central station to confirm onsite activity, while also supplying the alarm video to your cell phone to help you make informed dispatch decisions. 1View enables video of alarm events to be saved and shown in your eSuite portal along with alarm data. Video events tied to exceptions like out-of–schedule panel disarm events can also be saved and viewed online.

  • 1Video Assist

    1Video Assist

    We can offer your associates immediate access to professional security at your premise using interactive remote video. For example: If an employee were working alone at night and a large group of people came into one of your sites or lobby, Protection 1 can be alerted. We then connect to your site via video to assess the situation. We can immediately alert the police or “voice down” to your location, letting everyone on site know that your facility is under video surveillance to help ensure their safety—and ask the persons in question to leave the facility. This service can help you increase site security and avoid employee turnover.

  • 1Video Escort

    1Video Escort

    We can watch your employees arrive and leave your properties, helping to increase security. Employees simply call a dedicated phone number from the safety of their vehicle or your facility. Once remote video connection is established by a Protection 1 operator, we can watch your employee to ensure they remain safe as they enter or leave the facility.

  • 1Video Guard Tour

    1Video Guard Tour

    We can enhance site security without increasing your on-site physical guard costs. Protection 1 will do remote video guard tours at the times and intervals you select, looking for any suspicious activity or unusual conditions as per your specific instructions.

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