We’re the only national account company that puts your team within walking distance of each other. You see, there’s a big difference between one point of contact for your account and the ability to reach your entire team with just one phone call.

Our unique 1 Touch Pod approach assigns a dedicated support team to your account, and these employees sit, work and collaborate together to ensure exceptional national account security service across every area of your security program, every day.

The 1 Touch Pod delivers on all points of your national account security service from our facility in Dallas.

  • Scope development
  • Application design
  • Order entry
  • Project planning
  • Installation and service scheduling
  • Project management
  • Project closure
  • Quality control
  • Billing
  • Technical support
  • Customer relations
  • Performance monitoring

All in one location, each 1 Touch Pod special team focuses on these specific needs for each national account client. You can meet or reach your entire team with just 1 visit or phone call—and a knowledgeable expert assigned to your national account security service will always answer the phone, saving time and frustration.

  • Onboarding & Installation

    Onboarding & Installation

    This team specializes in bringing new sites on board. They take ownership of a client’s pre-installation activity—engaging engineering, drafting, sales support and field operations. Their objective is to deliver projects on time, meeting expectations and ensuring there are no disruptions to a customer’s daily business.

  • Daily Operations

    Daily Operations

    This team focuses on the day-to-day client business, examining activity levels, flagging anomalies for further research and correction. They’re also responsible for billing—that means getting the bill right and exactly in the format a client wants.

  • Integrated Systems

    Integrated Systems

    This team is dedicated to tasks that are large and complex in nature. We have a fully staffed division with tremendous experience in system integration and deep IT knowledge. We have the in-house capabilities to design, build and support large backbone networks to address clients’ solutions.

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