Financial Service Enjoys Unbroken Security

A Financial Services Solution Case Study
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We showed this financial services provider how to save thousands of dollars in phone costs while enjoying uninterrupted security.

Protection 1 helped one of the nation’s leading short-term lenders convert its telephone system to a VoIP solution and save potentially thousands of dollars a year in costs.

Situation: Excessive Phone Line Costs

Our financial services client wanted to improve their balance sheet without risking all of the cash in their safes!

Our client offers a wide range of convenient, approachable products and services to improve their customers’ economic situations. “Check cashing” or “payday lenders” play an important role in meeting the lifestyle and budgetary needs of people who are unable to maintain bank accounts. Many of these businesses are located in urban neighborhoods where violent crime statistics exceed the national average—making “always on” monitored security systems an essential part of doing business.

They wanted to convert their hardline telephone system to a VoIP solution in order to save potentially thousands of dollars a year in phone costs. This required an upgrade to a new intrusion detection system that could transmit alarm signals to a central station—without the need of a dial tone. National in scope, our client currently operates 1,300 stores across all fifty states! As an added difficulty factor, it was critical that employees and assets remained protected throughout the transition.

Our Solution: Savings Via VoIP

We are nationally known for creating solutions our customers can take to the bank! Protection 1 proposed a new DMP-IP enabled intrusion detection panel for this application as a replacement for the traditional POTs line systems. The new panels are enabled with both network and cellular transmission capabilities which allowed the switch over to a VoIP solution while still maintaining a secure environment. Problem solved! Oh, did we mention that our client needed to convert all 1,300 locations in less than five months to realize a large cost savings from the removal of phone lines?

The Protection 1 National Account Operations Center in Irving, Texas is dedicated to the support of large enterprise customers and carried out this conversion project. They handled the design and implementation work with a dedicated group having responsibility for all aspects of the transition. We assigned a dedicated installation manager to oversee the project, and this single point of contact for both pre- and post-installation communication was key in meeting our client’s expectations.

Protection 1 teams work as a “pod” on an ongoing basis, handling account management, order entry, installation, service delivery, monitoring and billing—for a specific client. Each pod receives a daily dashboard of their client’s activity, allowing us to proactively monitor performance and identify trends that could potentially turn into problems—for an early intervention.

Before Protection 1, it cost time AND money to add or remove employees.

  • In traditional installations, to add or remove users, generate codes and change permission levels required the assistance of operators at monitoring centers who manually communicated with each panel individually and downloaded the changes.
  • This process takes anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of days if the change is implemented for more than one site.
  • In the meantime, new employees may not have access to their work environment, but more importantly, terminated employees would still be able to enter a location until the changes are made.

With Protection 1 technology, ease of use provides added value.

  • Protection 1 was the only provider that could offer the latest networked solution—and one with the added benefit of automated PIN management. It was all a part of eSuite—the Protection 1 alarm data, analytics and reporting portal.
  • Using eSuite, a PIN management feature allows instantaneous edit of site-level intrusion panel user codes.
  • Clients who opt for PIN management service can sign onto eSuite to add or remove site burglar alarm panel users, generate codes or change permission levels.
  • This information is then automatically downloaded to their IP-connected panels at the store location, whether it is to one site or across districts, regions or the entire footprint of the operation—instantaneously.

Bottom Line Result: Reduced Phone and Labor Costs

Our financial services provider enjoyed the extra cash! By converting to VoIP, they have saved thousands of dollars in monthly phone charges. The remote automated PIN management feature of the intrusion detection panel also makes the administration of systems more efficient—saving time and associated labor costs. Most importantly, our latest Protection 1 technology helps to provide a safer atmosphere for this client’s employees, customers and property.

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