Cargo and Passenger Terminal Safety

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A Transportation Logistics Case Study
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We work with the nation’s ports, cargo and passenger terminals to secure our safety and economy.

Situation: Escalating Concerns About Port Security

The United States economy is heavily reliant on the nation’s ports. Billions of dollars of cargo flow through the more than 300 sea and river ports each year. There are also more than 3,700 cargo and passenger terminals in the United States. A significant security breach at any of these locations could have a devastating effect on our nation’s economic well-being with far-reaching effects rippling well beyond the ports.

After the attacks of September 11, port security emerged as a significant part of U.S. Homeland Security. A terrorist attack or serious breach of security at a major port could potentially impact ports around the nation. Most ports encompass large land parcels, public and private docks, facilities and open shoreline.

Within the last couple of years, one of the country’s fastest growing ports was awarded a grant to upgrade its security. At that time, this port had a mixture of analog and IP cameras deployed on its property. The methods by which the cameras communicated with the digital video recorder were also a mixed bag of coax cable, fiber networks and some wireless applications.

Our Solution: Advanced Integration of Multiple Security Systems

When the Port first approached Protection 1, it presented a scope of work to replace some of the older cameras. After a thorough survey process, Protection 1 determined that there was no accurate way to identify whether the cameras needed to be replaced or the method of communicating with the DVR needed to be upgraded. The wireless networks that were in place at the time were from different manufacturers with no common platform.

Instead of proposing a camera replacement approach, Protection 1 recommended installing a new Wireless Mesh Network. In just one month, a team of individuals from Protection 1’s Advanced Integration group working with the manufacturer, designed a solution that would meet the growing needs of the Port. The proposal was accepted and fully deployed in six months.

The following year, the Port issued another Request for Proposal (RFP) to upgrade its security management and perimeter protection systems, including its video management system and access control platform. The objective of the perimeter protection system was to provide security for the fence line surrounding the property using fiber optic cable.

Once again, with help from its Advanced Integration group, Protection 1 proposed a new video management system and access control solution for the security management system upgrade and a new fiber optic cable solution for the perimeter protection system. Protection 1 was awarded the projects over four other respondents.

The video management solution consisted of installing a new platform to manage, view and provide analytics to the Port for its existing cameras. The new access control platform was designed to manage all of the existing access control readers and provide for future growth to this system. The fiber optic solution for the perimeter protection system consisted of installing thousands of feet of fiber optic cable throughout the Port’s existing fence line.

Protection 1’s design also included the integration of the video, access control and the perimeter protection solutions. The integration between these systems made it possible to detect a breach in the fiber optic perimeter protection system and access cameras in those specified areas and present the video to the command station for viewing and response.

Bottom Line Result: Integrated Strengthened Security

This Port now has a fully functional security solution that includes integration of the video, access control and perimeter protection systems. The solutions will help the Port secure its facilities, protect its people and property and help to ensure that this vital entity continues to help fuel the economy of this nation.

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