Ensuring Employee, Property and Asset Safety

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An Integrated System Case Study
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How to ensure that employees, property and assets remain safe and secure.

Background: Dedication to Professionalism

Camping Companies (CCI) is one of the largest wholly owned repossession companies in the nation. With 25 years’ experience in the recovery business and 11 locations spanning five states, CCI covers most of the southwestern United States. Founded in 1989, the company focuses on bringing professionalism to all areas of the recovery business, as well as new technology and customer service. Its goal is to deliver a type of customer service that was non-existent in the industry.

The many services that it offers to its financial lending clients include involuntary and voluntary recoveries, investigations, impounds, storage, locksmithing, transportation, field contact and remarketing of repossessed vehicles.

CCI is also conscious of the need to represent its Lender Partners with professionalism and respect when interacting with their customers. For that reason, the company goes to great lengths to adhere to industry compliance which include:

  • Vendor Comply Complaint Tracking and Monitoring
  • Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) Member
  • C.A.R.S. Certified Agents
  • RISC Compliant Agent Network Member
  • Vendor Vision Member
  • Extensive In-House Training Program

Situation: A Need for Regional Reach with Local Control

When CCI set out to find a security solutions provider to protect its property, people and assets, it searched for a firm that held the same values of superior customer service and leading edge technology. That is when it found Protection 1.

“We were looking for an A+ company that was everywhere we are and yet be able to manage security locally and NOT cut into the profit margin to the point that the security didn’t make sense,” said Edward Barber, Information Technologies Security Officer for CCI. “Protection 1 more than filled the bill.”

Protection 1 maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, consistently delivers a 97% customer satisfaction score, and in many cases, same-day service. Our Tech Tracker service also lets customers know when a technician is scheduled to arrive at their locations along with his or her specific qualifications for the work. Protection 1 tracks a number of customer service metrics which include the ability to resolve more than 90% of inquiries without transferring the call to another area of the company.

Our Solution: Web-Based Access Integrated with IP Video

Due to the nature of its business, providing a secure environment was of utmost importance to CCI. Working with Protection 1, the company has adopted a security solution across its 10 corporate- owned locations that consists of a web-based access control system integrated with an IP-based video solution. The camera system has a minimum of four cameras at each location. Protection 1 also provides the intrusion detection systems and monitoring along with fire suppression and life safety technologies.

The cloud or web-based access control system allows CCI to remotely manage the physical security for all of its locations from a secure browser from a desktop, PC, tablet or smart phone. The system also provides notification of critical events in real time through emails or text messages. This technology requires no dedicated terminal and the software is automatically updated when new releases are available. This gives Mr. Barber the ability to control employee access to different parts of the various facilities, driver movement and much more, from a single interface connected to all of the company’s operations.

“One place, one secure login and I or any of the corporate leadership can then see, grant, or discontinue access to our facilities right then. Not a phone call and wait, but right now. I am sure it can get better than that, but I don’t see how,” stated Barber.

The Results: Security and Responsibility

The integrated system designed and installed by Protection 1 has delivered benefits on many levels. It provides low false alarms from the intrusion system, corporate control of access to its many facilities, an audit trail and video confirmation of events, and the peace of mind that the employees, property and assets are safe and secure.

“CCI maintains assets that are not our own, yet we are responsible for these assets until such time as they are released back to the owners. Not only does this system provide employee and admin security, but it also passes muster with the vendors we do business with. Logged times in, times out, and access to those secure areas is what we need and what is provided by Protection 1. Again, I am sure it can get better than this, just don’t see how,” concluded Barber.

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