Network Operations Center Upgrade

A Telecommunications Solutions Case Study
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We worked with a great national security company to upgrade our telecommunications network—ourselves!

Protection 1 turned inward when it came time to upgrade telecommunications to meet our rapid growth and increasing client demands for bandwidth.

Situation: Success Brings Growing Pains

Our clients should rest assured that our telecommunications expertise is the best in the industry—we rely on it ourselves!

Protection 1 is the largest full service business and home security company in the U.S., providing installation, maintenance and monitoring of single-family home security systems, business security systems and multifamily security systems. We serve nearly two million customers, employing over 3,500 people at more than 70 locations across the country—and we consistently experience double-digit growth each year.

This successful growth was putting a strain on our telecommunications network and it was definitely time for an upgrade. What a great problem to have! The legacy network was based on MPLS technology and had limited bandwidth with T1 lines, no fail-over backup and rising costs. Our growing reliance on the Internet and ever-increasing bandwidth requirements were putting a strain on Protection 1 operations and impacting many areas of the company.

Not having a fail-over backup was also causing concerns, because if the network went down there was no fallback option. Waiting for a network to be repaired costs time and causes lost productivity which quickly translates into lost profits.

Our Solution: Leveraging Our NOC and Cloud-based Broadband

When we decided to upgrade—we turned inward. Protection 1 operates a Network Operations Center (NOC) out of our Integrated Systems Group in Newark, Delaware—something unique in the security industry. Our NOC is staffed with highly experienced certified engineers capable of designing and provisioning broadband networks for customers. Team members are Cisco Certified, Meraki Certified, and Sonicwall Certified experts who helped Protection 1 to earn Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Express Partner Certification.

Protection 1 designed and installed a new system based on Cisco Meraki technology.

  • A 100% cloud-based solution provides many benefits over and above the legacy MPLS system.
  • It is based on commodity broadband like that found in many cable networks.
  • 100% cloud provisioning makes it easy to install and use.
  • Configuration changes to the system are simple and almost instantaneous.
  • Greater visibility into bandwidth usage is provided across the entire company.

Bottom Line Result: Savings, Bandwidth and 6-Month ROI

We liked being our own client! By upgrading Protection 1 security to the latest in Cisco Meraki technology, we will realize a 50% annual savings on labor and telecommunications costs. We will also increase our network bandwidth by 1,000% and have a fail-over backup for our critical infrastructure. We estimate that our return on investment will be realized in less than six months.

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