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A Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study
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We worked with this national home infusion and specialty pharmaceutical provider to secure millions of dollars’ worth of inventory and help achieve a better outcome for their bottom line.

Protection 1 helped achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by designing and deploying a seamless solution that allowed numerous locations to communicate with each other through a central hub.

Situation: Uncoordinated Technology at Multiple Locations

Compliance with regulatory agencies, temperature control of specialty pharmaceuticals and the theft of high-value drugs are a growing national concern.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. Companies must comply with state board of pharmacy security specifications, and in some cases, federal mandates, including HIPPA. As an added twist, each state may adopt their own security specifications, and for national companies this represents a long list of additional challenges. The formulary at each location is expensive and prone to theft. If it is not stored properly, specialty and infusion drugs that experience out of range temperatures—even for a short period of time—can threaten the lives of patients.

Our national home infusion and specialty pharmaceutical client had acquired multiple companies at numerous locations. This resulted in multiple security providers employing different technology and sites unable to communicate with each other or to a central hub.

Our Solution: Security Integration Plus Temperature Monitoring

Our Protection 1 Integrated Systems and Project Management Teams began by integrating our client’s video, intrusion and access systems. Now when an alarm occurs, Protection 1 Central Station Operators are presented with a single screen to quickly review the event. We also provide IT support where needed and created system “health checks” that allow the Protection 1 Network Operations Center to alert client sites of a problem or potential problem. We can do so before a small problem like a faulty sensor escalates into loss of inventory or a breach of security and safety.

Since temperature regulation is the most pressing concern, a special protocol was enacted for this client. We contact the main pharmacist for the site when there is a fluctuation in temperature from the sensors. Protection 1 Network Operations Center Operators call every 30 minutes until a sensor is re-set. We can run detailed reports on any site, showing everything from who used a card reader to when and how often. This type of reporting helps when questions from a regulatory agency arise regarding issues or compliance. Other reports include arming/disarming of intrusion systems in the pharmacy or where narcotics are stored—most states require this to be done by a licensed pharmacist.

Protection 1 fields dedicated project management, specially trained Central Station Operators and dedicated install teams to ensure consistent delivery and installation at every site. We currently monitor 33 sites for this client with solutions that include:

  • A Protection 1 hosted central server where all video, access control and intrusion data is housed in a secure environment
  • A dedicated VPN/B2B network which Protection 1 designed, installed and monitors
  • IP cameras
  • NVR
  • Intrusion systems
  • Access control system

In addition to the technology deployed at this client’s locations, Protection 1 also provides services at the facility level that cover:

  • Intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Video verification of alarms
  • Temperature control monitoring and notification
  • Weekly and monthly health checks of equipment

Bottom Line Result: Complexity Made Manageable

Our client came to us with a very complex set of requirements mandated in part by government agencies. The potential for loss from both a monetary and life safety perspective were tremendous. But in the end, Protection 1 proved to be a valuable partner, providing state-of-the art technologies and unsurpassed customer service. The team took the time to understand this unique industry and adjusted programs, technology and services to meet those needs.

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