Ovation Restaurants Intrusion Detection

A Restaurant Industry Case Study
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We helped a leading nationwide restaurant chain decrease costs and reduce false alarms and dispatches.

Situation: Mergers Make a Muddle

Ovation® Brands, headquartered in Greer, SC, is one of the country’s leading casual, mid-scale restaurant chains. It operates more than 345 restaurants in 35 states, comprised of 335 steak-buffet restaurants and 10 Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse eateries. Its restaurants are principally operated under the Old Country Buffet®, HomeTown® Buffet and Ryan’s® brands. Ovation Brands employs over 17,000 team members and serves approximately 100 million customers annually.

After years of mergers and acquisitions, Ovation found that it had a disparate array of vendors supplying its locations with intrusion detection and fire systems—17 in all. Dealing with this many suppliers proved to be inefficient and hard to manage, wasting both time and money. It also presented a problem in collecting and analyzing the data from the systems in order to improve operations—mainly due to a lack of standards among the systems and no common collection point. The information derived from the systems is used by other areas of the business including HR, accounts payable and operations, so finding a common platform was of even greater importance.

“Due to the number of restaurants we operate across the country, we needed to streamline our approach to our security and life safety systems,” stated Rick Woodall, Director of Internal Audit & Loss Prevention for Ovation Brands. “Not only were we dealing with the alarms signals from multiple companies, we also had to manage everything from invoices to service calls from each of them. We needed a single point of contact for this part of our business.”

As the company continued to grow, it realized it would need to make a change in order to improve its operations as it moved forward. For that reason, it turned to Protection 1 for a different approach.

Our Solution: Technology Upgrades and Unified Interactive Management

Protection 1 took-over the Company’s intrusion detection and fire systems, replacing outdated technology on the intrusion side and upgrading the fire systems so they were up to current code and in compliance with local jurisdictions. Protection 1 also introduced Ovation Brands to its online data management customer portal, eSuite™. With eSuite, Ovation Brands can manage all of its security data for its stores, such as viewing open/close schedules and reports, viewing incidents and alarm activity, and running custom exception reports. eSuite also gives Ovation Brands the ability to manage PIN codes online to help enroll new employees quickly and efficiently. Last, but not least, by analyzing the data that eSuite provides, Ovation Brands can identify trends in its operations and make adjustments that help to further reduce costs and drive additional efficiencies throughout the business.

In order to deliver superior customer service, Ovation Brands was enrolled in the 1 Touch Plus program that Protection 1 offers to its top tier enterprise customers. The 1 Touch Plus program provides account management, order entry, service delivery, monitoring and billing through a dedicated team that is responsible and accountable for all aspects of the customer experience with Protection 1. Ovation Brands is assured that when it has questions or concerns with the account, it can call Protection 1 and a live person will answer the phone and provide immediate help. This service has helped the company reduce its internal support team by half further delivering cost reduction to its organization. This approach proved to be a huge win for Ovation Brands, delivering the best customer service in the industry.

“We have found a true partner in Protection 1,” concluded Woodall. “We are confident that when anyone on my staff has a question or concern that they can simply pick up the phone, call the 1 Touch team and get the information they need. This has saved us time, money and most important, it gives us the support and resources necessary to help us manage our programs.”

Bottom Line Result: Reduced Costs, Useful Data and Fewer False Alarms

By consolidating the intrusion detection and fire alarm systems under one supplier, Ovation Brands has realized a cost savings through the use of the latest technology and lower administrative time. The data extracted from the systems is uniform and further helps the company analyze trends and take the appropriate action to improve profitability. The company has also seen a steady decline in false alarms and dispatches since working with Protection 1, thus realizing further savings from the reduction in false alarm fees.

Partnering with a trusted supplier delivered the results that Ovation Brands needed to improve its operations once again showing that Protection 1 is the better choice.

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