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We helped a mattress retailer with over 300 locations rest much easier with a security system that was adaptable and flexible.

Protection 1 understands how important customer service is to the retail industry. We designed a security system that made it easier for this mattress retailer to add new employees and float employees from store to store.

Situation: Staffing Flexibility Needed

For brick and mortar retailers, excellent customer service is often the tipping point between profit and loss.

One of the nation’s largest mattress retailers had a security company service agreement about to end. Protection 1 has a great reputation in the industry and so their loss prevention team asked us for an upgrade to their somewhat tired security system. The level of technology and service they had been receiving needed a good wake-up call!

High employee turnover retailers have to continually add and remove employees from each store’s security system. This has to be done in order to grant or deny an employee access to specific store locations—a costly and time-consuming process.

In this case, it was beneficial for our mattress retailer to provide employee access to all of its locations within a given district. This gave them the ability to “float” employees from one location to another to ensure a high level of customer service at all times.

Our Solution: Wireless Over POTS with Online Managagment

We dream of projects like this! Our Protection 1 approach was to design and install a wireless DMP IP-enabled intrusion detection panel at each location—allowing our mattress retailer to save money by removing phone lines from the stores. Changing to IP alarm transmission reduces operating costs and, in this case, delivered a practical and efficient means to implement a “floating” staff strategy.

The Protection 1 National Account Operations Center in Irving, Texas is dedicated to the support of large enterprise customers and carried out this conversion project. They handled the design and implementation work with a dedicated group having responsibility for all aspects of the transition.

Protection 1 teams work as a “pod” on an ongoing basis, handling account management, order entry, installation, service delivery, monitoring and billing—for a specific client. Each pod receives a daily dashboard of their client’s activity allowing them to proactively monitor performance and identify trends that could potentially turn into problems—for an early intervention.

Before Protection 1, adding or moving employees was a nightmare.

  • In traditional installations, to add or remove users, generate codes and change permission levels required the assistance of operators at monitoring centers who manually communicated with each panel individually and downloaded the changes.
  • This process takes anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of days if the change is implemented for more than one site.
  • In the meantime, new employees may not have access to their work environment, but more importantly, terminated employees would still be able to enter a location until the changes are made.

With Protection 1 technology, ease of use was a dream come true.

  • Using the proprietary Protection 1 eSuite platform—an alarm data, analytics and reporting web interface—our mattress retailer can now communicate directly with the intrusion detection panel at each location remotely.
  • They are now able to add or remove users, generate codes and change permission levels for each of its employees and have that information automatically downloaded to the panel at a store level—or to stores across the entire district, region or chain. This can be accomplished almost instantaneously—for all 350 employees.
  • Making these permission changes through remote access and having those changes take effect without delay was critical to the success, efficiency and security of this retailer’s operations.
  • Managing this many users of an intrusion system would be impractical using any other method—Protection 1 technology was a dream come true.

Bottom Line Result: Cost Savings and Staffing Efficiencies

Our mattress retailer experienced a real awakening! They saved money and time with the conversion from lethargic intrusion systems to the latest IP technology. The new technology and eSuite Account Management now allows them to implement a staffing strategy that ensures efficient store operations—and great customer service. In today’s competitive marketplace, having a fully staffed location can mean the difference between the sale of merchandise or the loss of a potential customer and profits.

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