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A University Campus Security Case Study
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We addressed the University of Delaware Campus & Public Safety Department’s need for an IP-based video surveillance system and achieved crime-stopping results.

Our Protection 1 Integrated Solutions Division, led by Ken Schafenberg, met the university’s desire to apply state-of- the-art technology to public safety applications.

Situation: Growing Concerns about Safety

Across the nation crime is a growing problem on campus.

In 2010, 92,695 crimes were reported to college and university campus police across the country. Of these reported crimes, 97 percent were property crimes and 3 percent were violent crimes. Of property crimes, 86 percent were thefts, followed by burglaries at 12 percent, motor vehicle thefts at 2 percent, and arson at 0.3 percent.1

In public safety, campus security professionals are faced with decisions which can impact the lives and safety of thousands of people. The University of Delaware Campus & Public Safety Department has long understood the power of a campus-wide surveillance system. They fully appreciate the critical role it plays in making sound security decisions based on what is being observed in the field.

Our Enterprise Solution: Comprehensive IP-based Video Monitoring

Ken Schafenberg led our Protection 1 Integrated Solutions Team and supervised our Protection 1 Project Management Team. They worked with the University of Delaware Campus & Public Safety Department to design and deploy an IP-based video surveillance system that included the addition of nearly 200 new cameras and a Video Monitoring Center located at the University Police Building. New cameras were also installed at the Delaware Stadium. This system is linked to the campus-wide camera network and provides a 360 degree field of view of all spectator seating as well as the surrounding facilities and parking lots. The cameras will be monitored by the University Police Department from a remote command post. A video surveillance workstation with one 42" Panasonic monitor and two 24" Dell high resolution monitors allows operators to proactively monitor each camera. Operators can select multiple views or use preset tours to ensure full coverage of pre-game and game events both inside the stadium and in the surrounding parking areas. Public Safety can instantly use the system to monitor incidents such as disorderly conduct in the stands or a call for a medical emergency. This camera platform will allowfor real-time monitoring until officers can arrive on scene.

Bottom Line Result: An Eye on Student Safety

The IP-based video surveillance system project has proven an excellent return on the university’s initial investment. On a daily basis, department personnel rely upon the network to be “the eye in the sky.” University of Delaware police officers are using footage from the video archives to develop suspect information, identify suspicious vehicles and to supplement the officers’ proactive crime prevention efforts. The University of Delaware Campus & Public Safety Department takes their commitment to students and the entire campus community very seriously. The video surveillance system installed by the Protection 1 Integrated Solutions Division allows officers to work smarter, and the university will continue to champion technology-based policing practices on campus. Using the power of the university’s broadband network, the university is now exploring new and exciting features that include video analytics, motion-based recording and virtual patrols.

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