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Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to delivering comprehensive security solutions for educational facilities. We take a proactive approach to evaluate your threats and then execute a highly effective school security program designed to protect students, faculty, administrators, visitors and physical assets.

The risks facing schools, both public and private, include bullying, weapons, drugs, vandalism, staff and student harassment, property theft and gang activity. The need to increase public confidence and relieve parental concerns must be balanced with declining budgets, aging schools and increasing random acts of violence within the school setting.

We Have a Great Resume

  • Your need may consist of security for a single school, a K-12 district, a college with multiple buildings or a statewide university system, but our end goal is always the same: to help provide a secure learning environment. Protection 1 will conduct a thorough security review of your entire campus, identify specific vulnerabilities and recommend an implementation strategy that prioritizes immediate needs with long-term improvements. More

    Protection 1 understands that safety is at the forefront of your campus operations. Our experts work with educational facilities at hundreds of locations across the country. They have done their homework and are prepared to evaluate your situation and develop an actionable security solutions plan that works within your budget requirements.

We Believe in Education

We believe in the power of education. Our focus on employee education enables Protection 1 to consistently deliver a great customer experience. We received our industry’s highest honor, 2012 SDM Dealer of the Year, for “unmistakable success, innovation, use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments.” Protection 1 continues to receive high marks because we take care of our customers and constantly evaluate our efforts.

  • A National Footprint

    A national footprint guarantees that Protection 1 has the resources to service your educational facility across the board through over 90+ branch offices—we can handle any size district or campus.

  • Enterprise Integration Services

    Enterprise integration services provide the ability to manage projects requiring a high level IT skill set—a common requirement for a university, campus or district level facilities. Our dedicated Enterprise Solutions team has extensive experience with large, complex projects and will help you realize significant savings in time, resources and money.

  • Professional Installation and Service

    Professional installation and service deliver what you need on time and on the money. We even offer a video “look-in” at our progress, which is incredibly helpful when you are dealing with multiple buildings spread across a campus, city or state.

  • Our Experienced Technicians

    Our experienced technicians will provide prompt, professional service to meet your needs. We only dispatch field technicians who are certified to service the security systems installed at each of your locations—you can even track technician progress via email or text alerts through our exclusive Tech Tracker service.

  • Same-Day Service

    Same-day service is always the rule and not an upcharge.

  • Live Phone Support

    Live phone support enables you to reach a security professional directly without transfers or telephone prompts.

Security Solutions for Education

Protection 1 creates customized security solutions that can be integrated throughout your school district, campus or statewide university system.

  • We provide multiple layers of protection to safeguard your people and property through industry- leading security technologies supported by innovative web-enabled and managed services.
  • We take a Defense in Depth approach that categorizes key areas such as classrooms, staff offices, registration, counseling, network and telecom rooms, and facility infrastructure.

Protection 1 applies integrated technologies to complement your school policies and solve real-world campus life security challenges.

  • Intrusion Detection and Notification

    Intrusion Detection and Notification

    Intrusion systems provide status notification of entry points to your buildings, including doors, windows and loading docks. Our Integrated Systems division can customize integration features between your security systems, giving campus police, facility personnel and dispatch a complete picture of your security status—while simplifying the use and management of all systems utilized. Integrating user credentialing data between the systems will ensure those being allowed access into an area have the power to disarm your intrusion system and unlock a control point in a specific area.

    Intrusion Alarms

  • Fire and Life Safety

    Fire and Life Safety

    Fire and life safety systems are necessary to preserve life safety of people on your school grounds. We integrate these systems with burglar alarms and access control systems to help ensure that life safety is not jeopardized and local fire code compliance is being maintained.

    Fire and Life Safety

  • Access Control and Visitor Management

    Access Control and Visitor Management

    Access control systems can help you protect your entrances by preventing unauthorized persons from entering your school buildings while notifying system users of any suspicious activity. From invalid access requests to propping doors open, your educational facility’s security personnel will be able to leverage your access control system investment by providing key actionable information. You can also guard against theft by restricting access to areas that store assets such as computers and A/V equipment, student records, athletic equipment and supplies.

    Visitor management systems can help deter unwanted persons from entering a school by identifying and logging visitors, volunteers, employees and vendors as they enter and exit your building.

    Access Control

  • Video Solutions

    Video Solutions

    Video cameras can monitor areas within your facility, such as common areas, offices, laboratories, hallways, locker areas, stairwells and cafeterias. Exterior cameras can monitor all building perimeters, fences and gates, parking lots and storage facilities. In the event of criminal incidents such as theft, vandalism or drug activity, video documentation can be used to identify suspects. When you take an integrated approach to video surveillance, your personnel will be able to quickly identify suspicious activity by employing information-sharing between access control and camera systems.

    Video Solutions

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