Electronic access control security can serve as an effective method of control at small, medium-sized and national businesses. The systems are used to ensure your facilities are accessed by only authorized individuals and to control access to critical areas of your operation. Access control security systems can provide detailed audit trail reporting, letting you know who went where—and when. We can help you configure an access control system to protect your employees, property, equipment and valuable data from unauthorized individuals.

Protection 1 offers a range of traditional and hosted electronic access control systems from leading manufacturers.

  • Web-hosted applications powered by Brivo allow complete management of your system on the web, for one to hundreds of locations.
  • Winpak and ProWatch systems from Honeywell cover a range of applications in a stand-alone or networked facilities environment.
  • Special IP-enabled controllers can allow your access control system to extend easily to all parts of an enterprise with the appropriate degree of security at each door.
  • Protection 1 can upgrade your existing system or create a new scalable system with built-in support for all card technologies including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, biometrics and wireless access control devices.

Our access control security solutions range from simple stand-alone entry-control business security systems to complex hosted systems with hundreds of card readers integrated with burglar alarm system devices and video badging. No matter how small your business starts or how large it grows, we can design the security systems you’ll need for now—and in the future.

Effective Systems Integration

  • Effective Systems Integration

    Integrating access control with your other security systems on your premise, such as video surveillance and intrusion detection, is another service that Protection 1 provides, enhancing the value and efficiency of the security systems that you invest in.

Hosted and Managed Access Control

Through our access control services, you can make your security investment work harder and enjoy all the benefits of a traditional access control system without the investment and IT support normally associated with them.

Hosted Access Control

Enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional access control system without any of the hassle. Our web-hosted access control lets you administer your system or view site activity and associated video from any computer with Internet access. From one to hundreds of facilities, you can administer access control permissions, add/remove access cards and even run standard activity reports—card holder reports, activity reports, door status reports and more—all without dedicated servers and IT backup required.

Brivo Log-In   Winpak Log-In

Managed Access Control

With Managed Access Control, you can get the benefits of a traditional access control system while leaving the daily administration to us.

Managed Access Control

Stand-Alone Access Control Systems

  • Systems that utilize open standards
  • Support a wide range of authentication and reader types, including proximity cards, smart cards and biometrics
  • Unlimited expandability and integration
  • Windows®, Unix® and Linux® operating systems
  • New digital technology provides wireless, wide-area networking for single, multiple and even remote facilities and doors
  • Easy to use

Visitor Management Systems

With visitor management systems, you can help restrict unwanted persons from entering a school by identifying and logging each visitor, volunteer and vendor, and comparing their identification card against the federal and state crime databases. Visitor management systems also provide convenience of printing a temporary photo ID badge for the visitor, while providing security by making it difficult for the person checked in to give the visitor pass to another person.

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