If you’ve been looking for a better way to handle your security information, you’ve just found it. Our eSuite and security data management portal gives you the tools to manage, view and analyze site activity to help get the most from your security system investments and to improve your security program over time.

Our custom security reporting can easily turn your data into actionable information. You can choose the level of service you need, from simply managing location contact information to managing site level panel codes.

When you want the information and notifications you need to make insightful business decisions, eSuite is a better choice.

  • eSuite 1Data Manager

    eSuite 1Data Manager

    eSuite 1Data Manager is a secure online data portal that allows customers to assign site administrator and user functions, add and remove site contacts and change site contact information and personal identification codes. 1 Data Manager includes standard and customizable activity and exception reports and the ability to view activity at individual sites in real time.

    eSuite 1Data Manager

  • Benchmarking


    • Benchmarking helps you to understand the security system activity at your sites versus your peers so that you know how your company performs in comparison. It also helps to show which of your sites may have issues that are exceeding best practice standards. More

      Benchmarking is a valuable tool offered by Protection 1 for national account customers to enhance security program performance by uncovering issues associated with site alarm activity, service calls or equipment.

      Spot Anomalies & Trends

      You can easily use benchmarking to identify anomalies regardless of their location, and show trending to determine performance improvement.

      Reduce False Alarms & Costs

      Many Protection 1 customers use benchmarking to get a better handle on false alarm issues and reduce their associated costs and aggravation.

  • Equipment Inventory

    Equipment Inventory

    Equipment inventory lets you know the “when, where and what” about all of the security equipment we have installed for you, right down to the site level. Information provided includes installation, warranty and maintenance expiration dates, as well as typical lifespan and replacement costs so that you can know what’s where and budget for upgrades as required.

  • Dashboards


    • We can help you do just that with custom dashboards. It’s simple. You designate those on your team authorized to receive data via a daily dashboard update. Dashboards show critical activity events that took place across your sites the previous day. When there’s a potential problem they can get the information they need to take action immediately. More
      • If dashboard data indicates a look “under the hood” is necessary, any red flags can be easily accessed for more detail via eSuite.
      • 1 Touch team members monitor premier national account customer activity on a daily basis, determining issues that need to be addressed proactively and investigating outliers.
      • Dashboards are available for Protection 1 national account customers.
  • Maintenance Rewards

    Maintenance Rewards

    You can take the guesswork out of maintaining your security equipment with our exclusive Maintenance Rewards program. With our security system maintenance plan, your monthly cost is predictable, and because it can credit you back if your actual service call activity is less than what you’ve paid, it’s a true value. Maintenance Rewards programs are available to national account customers with 100 or more sites protected by Protection 1.

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    With our Managed Services, you can maximize your security investment and make smarter decisions when you turn information into action.

    • Managed Video Services lets you keep an eye on things with remote video.
    • Managed Access Control helps you get more out of your access control investment.

    Managed Services

  • 1 REPORT

    1 REPORT

    Protection 1 national account customers can receive a formal 1 REPORT executive summary on a quarterly basis. The 1 REPORT shows quarterly trends over time, illustrating the information you need to make changes and long-term strategy decisions regarding your security program.

    View sample report

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