Dating in College Safety Tips

Young people socializing on college campus

College is a time to form new relationships and meet new people. Use these dating safety tips so that your dating in college experience is a safe one.

College is a great time to meet new people, and even possibly find your soul mate. However, while searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, it’s important that you make smart decisions that will help you stay safe while dating in college. Use these simple dating safety tips from Protection 1 to be a winner in the game of love.

  1. Let a trusted friend or family member know where you will be, who you will be with, and the time that you are estimated to return from your date. Be sure to call and check in with that person once you get home.
  2. Learn self-defense techniques so that you are better prepared to protect yourself in case of an attack. Check to see if there are any free self-defense courses that are offered on your campus.
  3. Know the locations and phone numbers of your local emergency stations so that you can quickly find help if you are in a dangerous situation.
  4. Always keep your cell phone fully charged and close by when you are out on a date.
  5. Never share your personal information with someone you do not trust. Keep your address and financial information private until you truly know the person you are dating.
  6. Only go on dates in areas that you feel safe and comfortable in.
  7. Utilize group or double dates if you are going out with someone for the first time. Group dates are the perfect way to get to know someone better while being in a safe and comfortable situation.
  8. Always keep an eye on your drinks and food. Stay alert, and never leave your food or drinks unattended.
  9. Never invite anyone into your home that you do not trust or know.

College is a great time to learn not only skills that will help you further your career, but dating in college can also help you form social and dating skills that will help you live a more fulfilling life. Be a smart dater with these dating safety tips from Protection 1!