Protecting Your Dorm While You�re Away for Spring Break

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Remember, burglars and thieves don�t go on spring break. Be smart before you travel by using the following tips to protect your dorm.

That special time of the year where students around the world get to take a breather and travel to their favorite destination in the sun is quickly approaching. If you�re one of the millions of students embarking on a spring break trip this year, there are several safety measures that you need to utilize. Aside from ensuring your own safety while you�re on vacation, you must also protect your dorm or apartment, as well as your personal items inside. Because millions of students are all leaving their homes unattended, all at the same time every year, burglars know that most homes will be vulnerable. Remember, burglars and thieves don�t go on spring break. Be smart before you travel by using the following tips to protect your dorm:
  • The easiest thing you can do to protect your dorm is to lock up every door and window. This is a simple safety measure that is easy to forget. Be sure to double check every entrance that a potential burglar could use to enter your place. Window and door alarms are a great way to alert you of any potential burglar.
  • Never leave notes saying that you are out of town and to leave packages at a certain location. This is a screaming signal to burglars.
  • Even if you live in a quaint dorm, you should still consider getting a house sitter. Be very careful when choosing your house sitter. While the partier of the campus may be fun to hang out with, they might not be the most responsible person to watch over your place. Ask a trusted friend of a family member to stay at your house or stop by frequently. Make sure they pick up your mail. This small amount of activity is enough to show burglars that your home is being watched over and alerts them that your home will not be an easy one to break into. Be sure to personally give your house sitter a key to your place instead of leaving the key in a hiding place outside.
  • Buy a sturdy trunk or safe with a durable lock to keep your valuable items in.
  • Cars are often easy targets because they are easier to break into, are not frequently occupied, and are easy to spot if they have been unattended for long amounts of time. Protect your car by investing in a car alarm. Also remove all valuable items from your car and especially out of eyesight.
  • As tempting as it may be to broadcast to all your social media friends that you will be going on an amazing spring break trip, this is definitely not recommended. Social media safety should be of vital importance, as the majority of college students submerse themselves in it. The more people who know that your home will be vacant for spring break the more you put your home at risk. Consider holding off on posting about your vacation and uploading pictures from your trip until after you return.
  • Think about investing in low-cost specialized insurance for your items. Many students do not consider insurance for their possessions. However, items such as iPods and laptops are often not insured and are extremely expensive. Research what options are best for you to keep your valuable items safe.
  • Instead of turning your thermostat off - which is a signal to skilled burglars that there is no one home � turn your thermostat down to around 55 degrees to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • When you return home, always first thoroughly check every door and window for signs of foul play.

Once you have properly secured your home, you can truly be care-free and enjoy your spring break to the fullest!