Travel Safety Tips for Students on Leave for Spring Break

Young people studying on lawn in late spring or early summer

With so many students taking leave from school now, spring safety is a vital concern. Check out Protection 1’s travel safety tips to have a safe spring break.

It’s finally that time of the year when students all over the country have an entire week of freedom. While some choose to stay in their college town to study or work, and some go back to their hometown for the week, millions opt to take the more traditional route by traveling to a popular travel destination for spring break.

Traveling can definitely be a great experience, but it does require more responsibility and research so that you are prepared and know what precautions to take to keep yourself safe. By following Protection 1’s spring break safety tips, you can ensure you’re ready for your trip.

Before Your Trip

Taking the proper precautions to keep yourself safe while you travel actually starts before you leave.

  • Research the area you are traveling to and locate emergency stations. Be sure to write down all local emergency numbers and store them in your cell phone.
  • Become familiar with the local laws and customs. Remember: even though you are just visiting, you are still expected to follow the laws.
  • Do not pack expensive items. Extravagant items and jewelry make you an easy target for thieves.
  • Give your family members the address where you will be staying and the contact information of anyone you will be traveling with. Also, give your travel buddies your emergency contact information as well.
  • Make copies of your itinerary, license, passport and credit cards to bring with you on your trip. Having copies will make it easier for you to get replacements in case anything is stolen or lost.
  • Put your name and telephone number on your luggage in case it gets misplaced.

During Your Trip

Whether traveling abroad or taking a quick trip within the country, you should use the following travel safety tips to keep yourself and your friends safe once you reach your destination.

  • Utilize the buddy system, especially at night.
  • Only travel or go out with people you know and trust.
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Trust your gut and avoid areas that may potentially be dangerous.
  • Never leave personal items or electronics unattended.
  • According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. While it is OK to have an alcoholic beverage, be sure to drink responsibly, especially when you are in a foreign place.
  • Never accept food or drinks from strangers.

Once you educate yourself and learn what precautions and spring break safety measure to take, you can have the memorable break you always wanted. Happy travels!