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What are the benefits of home automation energy management?

The average US household spends thousands of dollars each year on energy costs, many of which are unnecessary and wasteful. As environmental awareness and technology have increased there have been many efforts to mitigate this, such as Protection 1’s new methods of home automation energy management.

Our home automation system allows you to manage many aspects of your energy consumption in order to reduce both waste and cost. No matter where you are currently located, you can remotely control your home’s energy output and be rewarded with significant energy savings with our innovative automation system. You can have constant mobile control over your household with Protection 1’s smart phone app—so no more worrying if you’ve forgotten to lower the thermostat or switch off the lights.

When you’re away from home you can turn down the heat to help save energy and money, and when you’re at home you can automatically have your heat decrease when you’re sleeping. With energy management tools you can shut off lights when unneeded and turn off appliances when not in use.

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Here are three ways to help cut costs on your energy bill.

Here are three ways to help cut costs on your energy bill.

How does home energy management work?

Our home energy management system is designed to make controlling your energy consumption as simple as possible. Our smart phone app forms part of the Protection 1 energy management system and, using smart scheduling alongside local weather integration, it will help you structure your energy management plan and adjust your lights and heaters accordingly.

During extreme weather conditions you can ensure your home is at the right temperature at all times, wherever you are, by adjusting your thermostat to the necessary level. The smart scheduling capabilities of our energy app mean that you don’t have to worry about keeping up-to-date with local weather—our app will do that all for you.

Our app’s smart scheduling abilities also mean that you can monitor your household’s energy usage in order to better manage your expenditures. You can optimize your savings by correlating your energy activity patterns with your lights and thermostat scheduling so there is absolutely no unnecessary energy output.

Protection 1 Energy Integration Products

The Z-Wave Smart Thermostat Control will help you keep your energy costs low, as keeping temperatures within pre-set parameters is one of the most effective methods of managing energy costs. With a wireless thermostat, you no longer need to worry about whether you remembered to turn your heater or air-conditioner off when you leave the house.

By installing a wireless thermostat with mobile applications, energy use can be analyzed remotely which enables significant savings over time. Simple to use yet technologically sophisticated thermostats detect minute changes in temperature or humidity and adjust themselves automatically—so you don’t have to lift a finger.

With our advanced and effective energy management system, your smart phone essentially becomes a remote control for your whole house, making your life simpler and more economical. See the difference Protection 1 can make to your life now.

† Energy savings vary by household, occupancy and other environmental factors.