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Your family’s safety is your number one priority. But you can’t be there all the time. With a Protection 1 security system you get the next best thing.

Peace of mind

You worry about your family when you’re not there. Of course you do. But what if you had a system that alerted you every time something unusual happened in the home? What if you could check in at any time and see what was going on?

You can. Our Image Sensor Cameras can alert you whenever they detect movement in the house—so you know when your kids get home or when they leave. The cameras can even send you a photo of what triggered the alert straight to your cell so you can see if it was one of your children, your cat or an intruder.

What if you’re out for date night and you’ve got a new babysitter? Our home surveillance systems aren’t just for scaring burglars away. They can also be used to check in on what’s happening at home remotely. Access the video feed straight from your smartphone and see what the kids are up to, and if the babysitter is behaving themselves.

What if there’s a fire? Our smoke and heat detectors are monitored by our 24 hour central monitoring centers, who will make contact with 911 emergency services within seconds of an alarm. Once we receive the alarm we contact the fire department to dispatch a fire engine straightaway, before calling you or your specified contacts.

Video: Peace of Mind is Always In Style

As you grow and change, so does your home. But safety and peace of mind never go out of style.

As you grow and change, so does your home. But safety and peace of mind never go out of style.

Easy for the whole family

We know that sometimes it can be awkward to type in a key code. Child in one hand, groceries in the other, and the kitchen on the other side of the house. And sometimes kids forget things. So we get everyone in the family signed up to our remote smartphone app, making it easy for you all to enter your house securely.

For peace of mind, you get a notification whenever your alarm system is deactivated, telling you who has turned the alarm off and when. This means that you can tell if an inquisitive kid accidentally switches them off and alert you to any deactivations happening at unnatural times.

Realizing that you’ve forgotten to arm your alarm system once you’ve left the house is a thing of the past, too, as you get a reminder via our smartphone app if you travel a specified distance from your house and leave your system disarmed. Then you can arm your alarm with a single click on your smartphone.

Even more importantly, our patented Crash & Smash technology means your systems keeps working even if the security panel is damaged before it can send an alarm signal, or if the phone line is cut. This is because our systems use secure cellular communication that isn’t affected by damaged phone, internet or broadband lines which can be cut from the outside.

Taking care of your kids

Protection 1 home security systems aren’t just about child safety though. Wireless home management keeps them comfortable too.

Control heating and lighting directly from your smartphone. Using the GPS system on our smartphone app you can set your system up to detect when your children are within a certain range so that it switches on before they get home.

Our smartphone app doesn’t just keep your kids comfortable. It allows you to get a daily notification whenever they get home from school, so that you’re the first to know if there’s anything unusual going on.

The same detectors can be used to switch your motion sensing security to “inside” mode. This allows your family to move around in the house without triggering an alert but lets you know if anyone comes or goes.

Our always-on monitoring keeps you aware of what’s happening at all times, even if your system is disarmed. You can customize the notifications you receive through our smartphone app too, so you only see the information you care about.

Every family is different. That’s why every Protection 1 family safety system is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation.