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According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, more than one-third of all fire deaths at home resulted in homes without smoke alarms. And, almost one-quarter resulted from fires in homes where smoke alarms were present, but did not operate.

Installing a wireless smoke detector is an important fire safety tool, which protects you and your loved ones in case of an emergency. The detector sounds an alarm when it senses smoke or extreme temperatures, and wirelessly alerts the 24-hour monitoring team to send help.

Heat Detection

The heat detection sensors in our smoke alarms help protect your home from extreme temperatures, which can escalate into an emergency. Whether they involve cold or heat, the smoke detectors work in tandem with your wireless thermostat to keep the temperature in your home at a safe, comfortable level.

Smoke Detection

Our smoke detectors incorporate a photoelectric smoke alarm with a built-in transmitter designed for use with our security systems. When smoke is detected, the system sounds a loud local alarm and sends a signal to the security central monitoring station. This signal is repeated every 20 seconds until the smoke is gone. This ensures that our monitoring center is contacted if no one is home, or if you are unable to respond to the warning.

During regular usage, the smoke alarm sends an hourly status update to the monitoring team to inform them that your alarm is functioning and your home is smoke-free.

Works With Existing Fire Alarms

Another benefit of our smoke detectors is its ability to work with existing smoke alarms as a monitoring unit. By placing your wireless smoke detector within 6 inches of a hardwired smoke alarm, if the alarm detects smoke, the wireless detector will automatically contact the security monitoring station.

24-hour Monitoring

The 24-hour security central monitoring station is an essential part of your fire alarm system. This team is there to assist you if an emergency arises. If an alarm goes off, the team sends first responders to your home to manage the situation and ensure your safety. You also benefit from the daily protection of a team watching your wireless security system for updates and potential threats.

Part of fire safety is about developing systems to manage what you cannot control. Wireless smoke detectors track situations that might become emergencies, whether they are sudden temperature drops or unexpected fires, and works with your security monitoring team to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Wireless Smoke Detectors

  • The smoke alarm can send three different wireless signals to the alarm Control Panel: alarm, low battery, and status.
  • Every hour, the smoke alarm sends a status transmission to the Control Panel. The hourly signal updates the Control Panel with the smoke alarm’s condition.
  • Smoke alarm
  • Still operational in the installation and if it has a low battery.
Wireless Smoke Detectors

Our fire alarm monitoring units make the most of the life safety equipment already installed in your home. Just place one of our firefighters within six inches of one of your existing hardwired smoke detectors and when an alarm sounds—a signal will be sent to our central monitoring station for a dispatch of first responders. Most of today’s homes use interconnected hardwired smoke detectors so only one smoke alarm detector monitoring unit is needed.


  • Monitors existing UL Certified smoke detectors
  • Will not impact UL or Fire Marshall approval of existing smoke detectors
  • Uses one CR123A long life lithium battery
  • FCC, IC, and ETL Listed (pending)
Smoke Alarm Detector Monitoring Unit

Wirelessly monitor ANY single or linked UL listed hardwired smoke detector in a home by simply installing ONE FireFighter within 6 inches of any one of the existing linked smoke detectors.

Smoke Alarm Detector Monitoring Unit