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What are the benefits of medical alert devices?

Our medical alert system and devices provide a personal level of protection for you and your home that will give you peace of mind wherever you go. You are able to take an active approach to your safety by keeping this compact medical alert device within reach at all times, and the remote emergency button further extends the protection of your all-in-one monitored security system.

The Protection 1 medical alert device works around the clock—even when your alarm system is not armed—and is ideal for seniors or anyone living alone seeking extra reassurance when it comes to personal security. Completely water-resistant and submersible, our medical alert device also comes with a powerful lithium battery with a guaranteed three-year life.

While retaining independence is very important, it is prudent for senior citizens living at home to take certain precautions to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Our medical alert devices are ideal for ensuring a safe and secure home environment and ensuring that, should an accident or emergency arise, help is just minutes away.

How simple are medical alert devices to use?

Protection 1’s medical alert devices could not be more straightforward to use. Pressing the button triggers an emergency alarm from your Protection 1 security system that instantly alerts our monitoring center of a burglary or medical emergency, and a five second button lockout protects you from triggering false alarms.

Our remote emergency button is small and discreet (about the size of a quarter) and can be worn on a wristband, around the neck or clipped onto clothing. Alternatively, you can wear it with a lanyard, wristband or belt clip, or even mount it onto a car-visor clip or a wall within easy access.

If you are a senior citizen who lives by themselves then the knowledge that emergency help is just a click away is extremely reassuring; likewise, family members will gain peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and help is always at hand.

Protect yourself against any accidents or emergencies and install one of Protection 1’s medical alert systems in your home.