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Keep your pet safe

You wish you could take your pet with you everywhere, but sometimes you just have to leave them at home. You worry about what would happen if someone breaks in, or worse, if a fire breaks out. A Protection 1 security and pet monitoring system can ensure pet security and animal safety is no longer a worry.

Our range of intruder alarms alert you if someone breaks into your home, so you can respond quickly and protect your pet. Window and door alarms trigger if an intruder opens them, our glass break sensors alert you if a burglar breaks a window and our motion sensors alert you if anyone circumvents window and door alarms to get inside.

Even better, a video surveillance system can give you a real-time video feed of the inside of your home, so you can see for yourself that your pet is safe and sound whenever you want.

Protecting pets from fire

Normal smoke alarms only work if someone’s there to call the fire department. They do nothing for pet safety.

Our range of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are centrally monitored 24/7. We will contact the fire department within seconds of receiving a fire alarm.

Your pets can’t phone, but we can.

No more false alarms

Motion sensors are one of the most effective methods for detecting intruders, but traditional systems can be triggered by pets. So not only are many burglar alarms useless for pet owners, they can cost you police fines for false alarm calls.

Our Image Sensor Cameras are a key part of our pet safety monitoring system. They can send you two images by email or text so you can see what triggered them, wherever you are, before contacting the police. They can even be configured to be pet friendly, ignoring small pets under 40 pounds entirely. Sensitive motion detection utilizes a smart PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to monitor any activity, but stays immune to pets constantly tripping the sensors.

Always leave your pet alone with peace of mind. A customized pet friendly Protection 1 security system will be there to keep your favorite four-legged friend safe. Call us for a free evaluation today.

Follow these simple cat and dog safety tips and leave your furry loved ones at home knowing they’ll be okay in the event of a fire emergency.

Protect Your Pets: Pet Safety

Pet Safety Infographic

For more, see our pet protections tips infographic.