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We know what it’s like. You’ve worked hard to build a beautiful home but you’re hardly ever in it. You’d like the security of knowing your hard-earned property is safe, even when you’re not at home.

A Protection 1 system keeps you in the loop and takes control of your household security when you’re out of reach.

Stay in control

You like to be in control, wherever you are—and you can be. Each of our alarm systems are remotely accessible and controllable. Switch the system on and off from your phone. Receive alerts via text or email whenever an alarm is triggered. View your real-time video surveillance feed from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

You may have been stung before by motion sensing intruder systems which get triggered by all manner of things, none of them intruders, costing you false alarm fines from the police. Our Image Sensor Cameras take two color photos of whatever triggered them and send them straight to your phone, so you can confirm whether or not it’s an intruder before calling the police.

Automatic response

What about when we’re unable to reach you? Perhaps your cell is out of range or you’re in a meeting.

Our alarms are centrally monitored 24/7, including our environmental safety alarms which respond to smoke, heat, water and carbon monoxide. We monitor for alerts and contact the local authorities when appropriate.

For example, within seconds of a fire alarm we will dispatch the fire department to your home.

Even when you’re not around, your home is secure in our hands.

Environmental control

Worried about thieves spotting that you’re often away from home? Aside from deterring burglars with cameras, smart home technology by Protection 1 can be used to automate your lighting to give the impression that someone’s home. You can set a specific time of day, or program the system to turn on your lights around a specified time; such as sunset. The timing can automatically be staggered so thieves are none the wiser.

The same environmental controls can be used to improve energy efficiency, automating both light and heat to come on only when needed. Even better, geo-sensing can be used to automatically switch lighting and heat off when you’re away and back on when you’re near home, saving you money on utility bills and helping you do your part for the environment.

Every alarm system is designed to meet your personal needs, so whatever worries you about your home security when you’re at work, we can build a system to match. Contact us for a free evaluation today.