5 Steps to a Safe Neighborhood

5 Steps to a Safe Neighborhood

Safer neighborhoods are everyone's responsibility. We have already gotten you started by providing you tools in starting a neighborhood watch program. Now learn the 5 steps to building a safer neighborhood.

Step 1 - Get to Know Your Neighbors

  • Exchange phone numbers (home, work, cell)
  • Learn each other’s routines (work schedules, vacation plans, guests’ visits, scheduled workers)
  • Regularly check on elderly neighbors
  • Volunteer to pick up your neighbor’s newspapers when they are gone
  • Organize or join a Neighborhood Watch Group for your block*

Step 2 - Don’t be a Target

  • Have plenty of lighting around your home; use motion sensors, if possible
  • Don’t leave window or doors open, even on a hot day, if you are not home
  • Leave lights on inside your home or use timers when you’re gone
  • Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight
  • Secure gates and fences that are easily accessible
  • Have keys ready when coming home; don’t fumble around at your door
  • Check your surroundings when approaching your door at night
  • Be wary of solicitors at your door, even in the day time

Step 3 - Report Suspicious Activity

  • Call 911 whenever something looks unusual (strange cars with people in them in front of houses; strangers checking out houses or cars)
  • Have a pen and paper handy to write down details that could help police

Step 4 - Get Out and About

  • Walk around your neighborhood or sit on your front porch as much as possible
  • Encourage your neighbors to get out with you

Step 5 - Keep Our Neighborhoods Neat and Clean

  • Pick up trash, even if it’s not yours or in front of your house
  • Keep yards maintained and looking good
  • Trim hedges that can be used as hiding places

These 5 easy steps can help protect your community from exposed danger. Print them out and hand them to your neighbors!

5 Steps to a Safe Neighborhood

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