Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security system keypad

When shopping for a home security system, make sure you choose a wireless option. There are many advantages that wired systems cannot provide. These include the ability to control your system remotely, check in on your home from anywhere, receive smartphone notifications when major events occur and program your system to manage your home while you are away.

Remote Control

One of the key advantages of wireless home security systems is the ability to control the system remotely. You can operate the locks of doors and manage your lights from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone, computer or tablet, and the wireless controls take care of the rest. Imagine being able to unlock your front door remotely to let in a houseguest or turn off a light that a family member accidentally left on.

Remote Check-in

Among other advantages of wireless home security systems is the ability to check on your home from anywhere. While you are at work, use your smartphone to view your security cameras. You can even control the camera angle remotely, panning or tilting the camera to get a better view. Also check in to make sure lights are turned off, doors are locked and thermostats are set to the appropriate temperature.

Smartphone Notifications

Another of the key advantages is the ability to receive smartphone notifications when major events take place in your home. These include unexpected events like the smoke alarm going off as well as everyday events like your kids arriving home from school. Program your wireless system to notify you every time a door is unlocked or opened, your security system is armed or disarmed or your security cameras pick up unexpected motion.

Programmable Features

The last big advantage is the ability to program the system features. For example, a wireless thermostat is able to connect with local weather forecasts and adjust the temperature accordingly, and your bedroom lights can be programmed to turn on when it is time to wake up. You can even program your home stereo to play your favorite music when you arrive home from work.

Wireless home security systems make them the best choice for home security and management. Using this technology you can turn your home into a smart home, so you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to control and monitor your home's basic functions no matter where you go.