The Benefits of a Backup Plan: Your Alarm System Backup Batteries

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Protection 1 helps keep you prepared for a power outage with backup power and system redundancies so that your home is always protected. When the lights go out, your system keeps running with alarm system backup batteries for the alarm and sensors. In addition, cellular-enabled communication equipment gives you even more connectivity in the even of a power outage.

Home Alarm Panel Backup Power

Your Protection 1 alarm panel is designed to operate in the event of a power outage by switching to a dedicated 24-hour backup battery. Under normal conditions, the alarm panel is powered by a transformer. It is essentially an AC adapter that is plugged into the wall and secured with screws. If the transformer fails or the power goes out, the internal alarm system backup batteries take over. The alarm panel is a low-voltage system requiring only a small amount of power to operate, making it reliable even during longer outages.

Low-maintenance Batteries

Your backup battery is prepared for a power outage with self-charging capabilities and a replacement signal system. After a power loss, the battery automatically recharges through the plug-in transformer. The keypad displays the message "BAT" or "Battery" to indicate charging. When the battery gets low, the alarm panel alerts the staff at your monitoring station, who then contact you. This combination of attentive customer service and technology ensures backup power 24/7 without requiring your constant attention.

Backup Power for Sensors and Alarms

Protection 1 uses advanced equipment so your entire system stays on during a power outage. Your window and door alarms, motion sensors, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors all have a backup power source. Depending on your exact equipment, each unit is either powered by long-life lithium batteries or hardwired. The hardwired equipment runs directly to the backup battery power and the transformer.

Extra Protection During Outages

Losing power in your home is an unsettling experience, especially when the lights go out. Knowing that the alarm system is operating normally gives you peace of mind. In addition to alarm system backup batteries, the alarm panel is equipped with cellular backup, a service that allows you to contact your monitoring station from the alarm panel even if landline service is interrupted during a power outage. In the event of a major disaster, Protection 1 is prepared with a Disaster Recovery Center that receives all alarms if the local monitoring station goes off-line.

Protection 1 alarm systems are fully prepared for power outages with self-charging alarm system backup batteries, backup power to sensors and detectors, and the option of backup cellular communication. With the values of customer service and innovation, Protection 1 helps protect your home even during a power outage or emergency.