Apartment and Condominium Safety

Apartment and Condominium Safety

Apartment and condominium complexes are a popular type of rental living because of the economy today. However, these complexes have become targets for home invasions and burglaries. Exercising caution will minimize potential danger to you and your possessions. Here are a few precautions you can take to ensure your safety.

Check to see that locks were changed after the last tenant moved out before moving in. Make sure all doors and windows have secure locks on them. Entrance doors should have dead bolts and peepholes. If the doors do not have deadbolts, ask permission from management to install them. After installation, give management a copy of the keys for safekeeping.

Sliding doors should have pins or rods placed in the frame track to prevent burglars. Install a home security system with contacts on all doors and windows. Lock all doors/windows when sleeping or leaving the apartment/condo. If a door or window is opened an alarm will sound alerting everyone in the area.

Always check to see who is at the door before opening it. >Ask to see identification from all utility/repair men before opening your door and granting entrance. If you do not have a peephole, request that the identification be slipped under the door. Your main door should have a number on the outside so emergency personnel can see it and locate you. Only use your first initial on the door and mailbox.

Never leave your door unlocked even if you’re just taking the trash out or getting the mail. Someone lurking in the breezeway could slip into your apartment quickly.

Install blinds or shades on all windows so no one can see in from the outside. This prevents someone from watching you or staking out items such as your television, computer, valuables etc…

Check to see who is in the elevator before you get on. If a suspicious person gets on with you push as many floor buttons as possible, so the elevator will stop multiple times allowing you to exit if necessary.

Go to the laundry facility with a friend or neighbor so you’re not alone.

Never buzz anyone into the building that you do not know or cannot identify. If someone tries to enter claiming an emergency, call the police or fire department immediately.

It’s best to park your car under a lamppost or in a well-lit area and never park by a fire hydrant. Do not leave valuables in your car and make certain to keep it locked at all times.

If you see anything suspicious, notify the police immediately. Then report what you have seen to the manager. Always call the police first so they do not lose any time responding.