Home Monitoring Systems Include More Than Just Home Security

Wireless camera in a modern house interior

Installing security cameras in your home helps you monitor the safety and security of both your home and its inhabitants. This not only includes protection against suspicious activity, but they also provide a safe, easy way for you to monitor children, pets and elderly relatives while you are away.

Adding video to your home security system gives you the ability to track what is happening in and around your home. You can also use video monitoring with wireless home automation systems to turn your home into a smart home.

Keeping Your Home Secure

The mere presence of a security camera on your property deters suspicious activity. Furthermore, if something suspicious happens in your home, the cameras record the incident and save it on a secure server. These home monitoring systems also send smartphone notifications if the cameras detect motion outside designated areas of your home such as first-floor windows.

Protection against Unwanted Activity

The presence of security cameras alone is enough to deter undesired attention. Homes with monitoring systems are 5 times less likely to experience a break-in than homes without security. However, a security camera quickly lets you know if an unauthorized individual is in your home and will also provide video evidence that can help identify an individual.

Checking in With Loved Ones

Another benefit of video monitoring is the ability to check in with loved ones throughout the day. You can use your smartphone to see live footage of your pets, your children or other relatives and guests in your home. If you hire a babysitter for the evening, check in with your monitoring system to make sure everything is as it should be. Cameras placed above your front door also tracks loved ones’ entrances and exits, so you can receive a smartphone alert every time your kids arrive home from school or your spouse arrives from work.

Protecting Your Children

Small children often get into areas where they should not be, such as medicine cabinets, gun safes or unsupervised outdoor pools. One of the benefits of home monitoring is the ability to place cameras in areas of your home that are off-limits to children. When those security cameras pick up motion, you receive a smartphone notification. This gives you time to stop your children from venturing into certain areas of your home.

Indoor Monitoring

Use security cameras to check in with children, pets or elderly relatives at home. This type of security is important if you have any dependents who are home alone, helping you quickly become aware of any accidents or unwanted behavior in your home.

Outdoor Monitoring

If you want to keep an eye on the kids while they play in the backyard, home monitoring systems are extremely helpful. With an outdoor security camera setup, you can watch your children play outdoors while you stay indoors. By providing a constant view of what’s going on around your home, outdoor security cameras also help you investigate mysterious bumps in the night without having to go outside.

Wireless Home Monitoring System

One of the many benefits of home monitoring systems that many people don’t realize is wireless control, which lets you change camera angles from your smartphone. If you want to get a better look at a certain part of your home, use your smartphone to pan and tilt your security cameras. You can accomplish this remotely, allowing you to stay in touch even while you are at work.

All these factors boil down to one simple goal: keeping you and your family safe. Installing security cameras helps to ensure your home’s safety as well as the safety of those you love.

Building a Smart Home

The true benefits of video monitoring come when video is combined with other wireless home security features. For example, if you have a cleaning crew coming to clean your home while you are at work, use your wireless home monitoring system to identify them when they arrive at your door. Then, use your wireless door lock feature to remotely unlock the door, let the crew in and lock it behind them.

When you combine these surveillance systems with other aspects of home automation such as remote lighting and thermostat control, you create a true smart home and protect yourself and your family and keep watch over your home no matter where you go.