The Benefits of Medical Alarm Systems: Independent Living With Safety, Security and Comfort

Senior man with child leaning on his shoulder

Seniors living by themselves need to take extra precautions to ensure their health and safety. For seniors who wish to live independently and for family members who desire their safety, senior safety alarms provide a great alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The benefits of medical alarm systems range from enhanced security to greater peace of mind for loved ones, providing security, safety and comfort every moment of every day.

Independent Living With Senior Safety Alarms

Independent living is made easy with senior safety alarms that include a water-proof emergency button that continues to work even when you disarm your alarm system. Wear this portable device around your wrist or neck, or clip it onto your clothing to help you feel safe when you are in bed, in the bathtub or working in the yard. When you push the button, it triggers an alarm that is routed to a Protection 1 monitoring center, where a trained employee evaluates it and takes action as necessary. Senior safety alarms allow you to continue living in the comfort of your home with the knowledge that even if you live by yourself, you are never alone.

Immediate Help for Medical Emergencies

Among the many benefits of medical alarm systems, help in case of a health emergency is one of the most prominent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three adults over the age of 65 has a fall in a given year. After falls and during other medical situations, senior safety alarms allow you to signal for help even if you cannot reach a phone or speak. You may also sound the alarm if you notice suspicious activity in or around your house, giving you added home security and peace of mind.

Security From Environmental Events

Senior safety alarm systems also include environmental sensors, which help protect you by alerting you in case of fire or high carbon monoxide levels. Unlike some sensors that only sound an alarm, automated sensors from Protection 1 alert a monitoring center if you do not respond, making them a valuable addition to senior safety alarm systems.

Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Knowing that you have implemented senior safety alarms from Protection 1 gives family members peace of mind and reassures them of your safety. Additionally, if family members have access to your security system, they have the option of receiving text or email alerts when the front door opens or other events take place, which assures them that you are up and active.

The benefits of medical alarm systems are numerous. They help maintain your independent way of life while reassuring concerned loved ones. If you want to install senior safety alarms in your home, contact Protection 1 to enjoy same-day or next-day installation by an experienced technician.