Fire Safety Tips

Volunteer Fire Fighter & Vice President of Marketing at Protection 1

Fire Safety Tips from Protection 1

Considering the fact that, in 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to 1,331,500 fires which caused 3,120 deaths and $11.5 billion in direct damage, fire prevention is a topic that should be taken seriously. To help keep your family and property safe, Protection 1 would like to offer the following fire safety tips checklist to help ensure you are prepared in the event of a fire in your home:

  • Be sure to test your smoke alarms monthly. Do your kids know what it sounds like?
  • Create a home fire-escape plan that includes two ways out of each room and practice your plan with your family.
  • Be sure every exit in your home is clear of clutter and toys.
  • Pick a safe place to meet outside in the event a fire occurs in your home.
  • Consider installing a monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection system like that offered by Protection 1.

By following these simple tips and preparing for the worst, you can help to ensure your family—and your property—remain safe year-round. To learn more about monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detection, call us today at 877.PRO1.911.

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