Fix Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Home Alarm System

Fix Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Home Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is one giant step towards better home security and safety, but there are a lot of mistakes that are commonly made, even after an alarm is installed. Check this list to make sure you’re not guilty of any of the following safety-compromising behaviors!

  1. Installing the alarm system, but not having it monitored

    There are a surprising number of alarm systems out there that don’t alert a monitoring company, or the police, when the alarm is triggered, but rather just emit a loud siren noise. This may scare away intruders, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sirens certainly won’t catch a burglar that may strike again later or elsewhere.

  2. Ignoring access points when installing sensors

    If you have an alarm system, it’s essential to have sensors by your front doors and windows, but it’s easy to ignore or forget about less central entrance points, such as back doors and windows on the upper floors of your house. However, burglars are more likely to try to gain access to your house through these less obvious points, so it’s important that these areas are armed as well.

  3. Poor placement of your keypad

    If an intruder is casing out your house, it’s likely that they will try to see if you have an alarm system. If they can see your alarm system from outside (even through the reflection of a mirror), they will be able to tell whether or not your alarm is armed. It’s better to prevent potential intruders from having the knowledge at all!

  4. Not arming your alarm system

    Installing an alarm system, and doing it correctly, is only half of the equation to having a properly protected home. In order to use the alarm system to its full potential, you have to arm it! Make sure your alarm is set whenever possible. There are a lot of “good reasons” to not have an alarm set… maybe you’re home, or it’s broad daylight, but intruders don’t always wait until nightfall and it’s important to always be safe. Take the extra step and set your alarm for real peace of mind.

If you do have an alarm system in your home, you’re on a great path to home security. Make sure your system is installed correctly and discreetly, and use your alarm properly in order to really maximize your safety!