Best Security Solutions for your Front Porch

Well lit front porch at night

City life can make your front porch and home vulnerable to crime, and homes off of busy streets are more vulnerable to front porch theft than homes located in a quiet neighborhood cul-de-sac. More street traffic near your home means more foot traffic, and the first thing a thief notices is the exterior of your home. They hunt for weak and vulnerable homes by observing and inspecting the exterior of a house.

It is important to be aware of front porch theft if your home is located off of a busy street or if you live in a neighborhood that has a high-risk crime rate. How do you protect the outside of your home as well as in the inside if you live in a busy city? To keep burglars off of your front porch and out of your home, follow these guidelines for home security:

Eliminate outdoor clutter.

If you have outdoor furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, children’s toys, and lawn or gardening equipment, this unnecessary clutter can attract thieves. Outdoor clutter gives the impression that your home is not regularly kept up or is often vacant. This can lead to stolen outdoor possessions or even home break-ins. Try to keep things in your garage, a storage unit, or inside the home to eliminate front porch theft.

Leaving your home for a vacation or a work trip? Have a friendly and trusted neighbor watch your home.

Leaving your trash cans at curbside during the week shows the world that you probably are not home. This also goes for letting mail and packages build up on your front porch, which gives the impression that you are not at home and probably are not returning for several days. Remember to cancel mail when out of town, or better yet, have that friendly neighbor get your mail every day. Also have them put the trash cans back after trash pickup day. If you can work out a deal with your neighbor to watch each other’s homes, then you will not have to worry while enjoying a vacation.

Install proper outdoor lighting.

Dark, unlit properties also give the impression that your house is vacant, leaving it vulnerable. Proper outdoor lighting is a great start to outdoor home security, and many systems will allow you to manage your entire security system from your computer or mobile device remotely. Smart home security systems let you control many of your house utilities and your alarm system online, so if you leave your home for a vacation, control your outside and inside lighting while you’re away. Switch your front porch light on remotely from miles away so it appears that your home is occupied.

Invest in outdoor video surveillance.

Outside home security with exterior video surveillance is another great way to keep trespassers and burglars off your front porch. No thief wants to be caught on camera, so they steer clear of homes with outdoor video surveillance. Even if your front porch becomes a crime scene, the video footage will become very useful to authorities.

Many video surveillance systems are also web-based with mobile access and control, allowing you to manage and monitor your home while you are away. Exterior home security cameras are perfect if you are waiting for a package—or if you just want to keep an eye on your home while you are at work.

Keep those trespassers off your porch before a crime can happen. With a home security system, you will always know who and what comes to your front porch.