Helpful Hints For Outdoor Home Security Lighting

Helpful Hints For Outdoor Home Security Lighting

Properly lighting the exterior of your home can significantly reduce the chances of break-ins as a well lit home often deters burglars. Exterior lighting is also an excellent way to protect yourself from attacks at night. Outdoor lighting deters even furry pests, such as raccoons.

Outdoor lighting can also add value to your home. Keep in mind the following ideas when installing outdoor security lighting:

  • Walk around your yard at night to determine which areas need lighting.
  • Design lighting so that it accents your home, as well as provides safety and security.
  • Install lighting at all entry doors.
  • Add lights along your driveway and walkways.
  • Install lights that point downward under the eaves of your house to illuminate your yard.
  • Highlight trees, either from below or mounted in the tree itself, to shed light throughout your property.
  • Use motion detectors on floodlights for added light in areas such as the garage or if there is a vacant lot next to you.
  • Make certain your lighting features do not obscure your view outside from the doors and windows.