Home Automation 101 – How to Get More by Doing Less

Home Automation 101 – How to Get More by Doing Less

With our chaotic and busy lives, we need all the help we can get to make our lives simpler and less demanding. For example, you drive all the way to work and realize you left the garage door open. Then you make the long and belittling trip back home to take care of the problem, which is not a great start to the day! After work, you enter the house to notice the kids left every single light on in the entire house all day. A home automation system not only secures your home, but assists you with your everyday stressful lives. Home security technology has come a long way throughout the years. You can control just about every aspect of your home with the push of a button on your smart phone and/or computer. Where do you start though? Home automation can seem overwhelming at first, with all the gadgets and possibilities. Protection 1 offers easy to use mobile apps that control the basics of home automation, plus more.

A home automation system provides assistance with everyday appliances in your home. Everything can be controlled by your mobile device and/or computer, just like magic! Your home security system and appliances tied into one application! Protection 1 offers the following trouble-free home automation:

  • Arming and disarming your alarm system from any location. Know your house is always being monitored. We all get absentminded at times!
  • Locking and unlocking any door in your home from virtually any location. No more “secretly” hiding keys!
  • Control every light in your home with the click of a button. Perfect if you have those kiddos at home that fail to remember to turn off the lights in the house! This also helps you save on your energy bill.
  • Control the thermostat to also lower your energy bill.
  • Install cameras that are integrated with your motion sensors. If there is any movement or disturbances in the home, you will get a picture of it sent to your mobile device. Comes in handy when the kids are out of bed at night!
  • Close and open that garage door from any location with the help of LiftMaster MyQ® garage door controller. A timer can also be installed to help you out!
  • Get email alerts anytime the doorbell is used. Great for delivery drop offs! No one likes to leave those Amazon packages on your porch all day.
  • The Geo Alert system is extraordinarily observant. The system actually learns off your previous actions and keeps track of your location. For example, if you forgot to arm your system and you are on your way to work, the Geo Alert reminds you to arm that system, just like another set of eyes!

With so many accommodating home automation tools, which are best for you? Ask yourself this question: What small and repetitive tasks do you repeat continuously that a home automation system can assist you with? Countless households start with the basics—controlling their security system with their device (arm and disarm system), controlling the lighting in home, lock and unlock door demand, and security cameras integrated with motion sensors. These small additions to the home will make a positive impact on your everyday lives.

Like stated before, the Geo Alert learns off your regular activity and keeps track of your location with the use of your smart phone/mobile device. Numerous newcomers to home automation are not aware of all the tips and tricks a home automation system has to offer. Inside cameras can be used to keep track of your kids and pets, even new babysitters. Watching from your smartphone and/or computer will give you ease when leaving your children with a new babysitter. When on vacation, set timers for lightening to show unwanted intruders or trespassers that someone could be home. When your pet or house sitter needs in your home, have them simply call or text you then use your device to disarm the security system. If you have cameras there is no need for them to call you back, watch from your smartphone and/or computer till they leave. That way you know what they are doing in your house while you are away and you can arm the system as soon as they exit. These home automation tips will lengthen the usage of your system and help make your everyday life a little bit easier.