What to Consider When Buying Home Automation Systems

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Buying home automation systems may seem daunting. Turn on your TV, surf the Internet or flip through the phone book and you quickly realize there are many security providers offering all kinds of “deals” on alarm systems. It’s hard to spot the best choice when you look at the wide array of packages, prices and promised savings. Even more importantly, it is hard to determine the level of quality in the monitoring and services offered unless you know exactly what to look for.

When looking to buy home automation systems there are several factors to consider. For instance, you should consider your needs, installation procedures and monitoring methods. Some systems are DIY (do-it-yourself), while others require professional installation. Whatever the case, knowing what you need is the first step in buying home automation systems.

Three Popular Needs for Home Automation Systems

The three most common reasons to buy home automation systems are for entertainment, security purposes and potential energy savings. Often, buyers want a system with aspects of all three. However, individual systems can be purchased separately as well. In other words, you can purchase a home automation system specifically to operate your entertainment devices, lighting and temperature control or just your security apparatus. A comprehensive system is not necessary if you only want automation for a single aspect.

Lighting and Climate Control

For customers wanting to buy home automation systems for lighting and climate control, the temperature and lighting is easily monitored from afar via sensors. Home automation systems are also an effective way to help save on energy bills. For example, program the system to turn lights off when you’re away. Adjust the brightness in a room, or set the temperature of the room remotely. Control everything including the sensors, dimmers and in-wall switches from a central control unit or through your mobile device.


If you want more security options, a home automation system helps with safety as well. A typical system includes sensors, security lights, motion detectors and alarms. With security automation, you can control all of these features through your mobile device. Arm or disarm your alarm while at work, or monitor your security camera when you receive an alert.

DIY or Professional Installation

If you’re trying to decide between buying home automation systems that are DIY (do-it-yourself) or require professional installation, your choice will largely depend on system complexity. Generally, a system that includes all three aspects of home automation will require professional installation, especially if you want your system to be monitored. Protection 1 offers secure installation at prices that are friendly to your wallet, as well as the complete home automation package.

Our home automation buying guide provides expert advice on home security systems and home alarm products.

Buying home automation systems requires a functionality analysis. No matter the type of product you choose, select a system that incorporates all your needs. Then, you will be sure to choose the best system for your home.

Our approach is to make security simple and transparent. Security isn’t about the hardware; it’s about delivering peace of mind that fits your lifestyle. Call us today to see how a custom Protection 1 home security system could keep you and your family safe.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home Automation System

How big is the security company?

We serve all US zip codes, including Alaska and Hawaii. In thousands of locations we provide personal in-home service to our customers through our local offices, all supported by 24/7 nationwide customer service.

Do they emphasize customer service?

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Do they have their own monitoring or subcontract it?

Protection 1 owns and operates five UL Certified monitoring centers with triple redundancy systems and a Disaster Recovery Center that is ready to take over if ever necessary. You get fast alarm response times and when you need help, we’ll get it there!